Trigger Finger : Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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The medical term for trigger finger (TF) is Stenosing tenosynovitis.  I have seen mostly male patients in the 50s of age group than the female however, it is more prevalent with patients who are diabetic.

The condition of TF is one of the fingers usually is in the middle and ring finger that is inflamed.  The finger is unable to straighten and bent in the space within the sheath of the tendon.

Tendon are flexible strong fibrous collagen tissue which the muscle is attached to the bone.  The finger tendon that is protected by the layer of the sheath and when it is  inflamed, it obstructed the extension motion of the finger, which is locked at the bent position.

Most patients experienced stiffness with pain and  tenderness with nodes at the edge of the finger, particularly in the morning.

The affected finger is locked and have difficulty from straightening at the edge of the finger. You will experience a clicking or popping sensation as it glide to straighten it.

Elderly patients with pre-disposition of Rheumatoid arthritis condition have higher risk of suffering from Trigger finger.  Trigger finger can be traumatized from repetitive movement like typing on the key board, squeezing of laundry, constantly hard gripping of object or handle and even musician have the risks of trigger finger.

There are many invasive treatment for trigger fingers like corticosteroid injection, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen and the extreme of surgery, which usually recommended by orthopaedic surgeon, can be avoided.

I had treated many patients with full recovery without having going through the painful invasive procedures.  The underlying cause of the symptoms have to be well defined and incorporate certain changes of repetitive motion or changing of lifestyle to improve our health, especially patients with diabetes type II.

I used the most advance non- invasive treatment in our program, the result is safe, fast and effective.

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