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Pain and Wellness Practitioner CWP,WCP ( National Wellness Institute USA)


He has successfully completed the specified training and has met all the requirements set by the National Wellness Institute to integrate the principle s of evidence-based health behaviour, wellness, wellness coaching, health promotion, and disease prevention into clinical practice, and therefore has earned the professional status of WCP.

Because of his years of experience and skills in handling conditions with aches and pain through a great variety of conditions. He is well equipped with the knowledge and skillset and has helped a great many individuals improve their quality of living with a pain-free life.

He conceptualized Integrative Pain Management, Rehabilitation, and with most advanced  equipment in his therapy(AlterG). His unique intensive and extensive intervention therapies have improved his client’s conditions within a short time frame, saving them time, money, and discomfort.

Pain and Wellness Practitioner

Gabriel’s philosophy of wellness is to find out the underlying cause of individual pain conditions instead of managing the symptoms through drugs or needles.

He has helped many of his clients in managing and improving their health conditions . He is very focused and has a long history in successfully helping ,and managing various pain conditions .

Gabriel’s motto “ YOUR HEALTH WE CARE”.


I have been encountering people with physiological and psychological pain all these years in my practice. I have seen how the psychological agony a person goes through can drive them into countless of sleepless nights, anger, depression, and even suicide. The disruption in the quality of living is unimaginable and painful to even live on to the next day. Popping pain killers, injections and even surgery is the very typical intervention approach to eliminate the unbearable agony of pain.

The physical pain is just the tip of the iceberg with complex unknown underlying causes, resulting in recurring pain or side effects from conventional drugs, injection or surgery intervention.

Without assessment of the condition puts the patient at higher risk of inflicting more pain and possibly damages. Pain pathophysiology must be professionally and clinically diagnosed through imaging, MRI scan and even blood test, specifically to identify the root damages of tissue, nerve compression, joint edema and fractures.

I have helped many of my clients overcome and recovered from highly complicated physical pain.

Using and complementing various non-invasive advanced equipment to alleviate and manage the pain extensively and intensively. This is to stabilize and minimize the pain symptoms, before full recovery interventions such as comprehensive exercises to improve functional movement.

Understanding the intrinsic cause pain by correction and prevention to avoid recurrence of pain.  Keeping the muscles balanced, joints stable and strong as well as supplement your musculoskeletal health.


His Career

20 years of diverse experience and exposure in corporate  seminar talk, symposium and conferences.

His Love

As a wellness practitioner, Gabriel Ng strongly endorses sports and exercises to prevent health diseases such as prediabetes, prehypertension, and prehypercholesterolemia.

A sports enthusiast from windsurfing, snow skiing, mountain climbing, marathon running and many more.

His passion and love for sports go way back since he was 9 years old. Now, in his late 50’s and is still going strong.

His Lifestyle

My 7 Dimensions of Lifestyle and Wellness

  • Occupational Wellness
  • Physical Wellness
  • Social Wellness
  • Intellectual Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Pain Free

His Services

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