Paralysed to Walking in just 5 Months

Watch how Mr Ho went from being paralysed to being able to walk in just 5 months.

Mr Ho came to me after consulting various types of professional help. Desperate for a solution to walk again, he was enrolled in a programme to reduce the pain he was feeling and to rehabilitate his muscles.

After 5 months, Mr Ho started walking again.

My method involves complex non-invasive therapy to alleviate and solve all kinds of pain. From neck, back, and joint pain, I have successfully cured the root cause of many of my patients without the need of prescription drugs, injections, or surgery.

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A Violin Teacher Who Couldn’t Play The Violin

Mr Randy Goh teaches violin on the side apart from his full time job. Due to severe neck pains that deprived him of sleep, it caused him depression while affecting his work and daily life. Within 6 intense and extensive therapy sessions, Mr Randy Goh is now fully recovered.

Watch Mr Randy Goh’s testimonial on how he managed to overcome his pain by undergoing therapy done by the Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy.

With 20 years of history, I have helped countless of patients who suffer from pain through my expertise in non-invasive therapy methods.

Drop me a message and tell me what issues you are facing, and my team and I will be happy to help.

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100% Recovery from Frozen Shoulder Therapy!

Ms Gracy has visited us for Frozen Shoulder therapy and experienced 100% recovery after 3 weeks. She is now able to conduct her daily tasks in work, home, and life. We are ever thankful and grateful for your trust.

Remember at Pain Clinic Wellness Philosophy – Your Health, We Care! Drop us a message and we’ll take the steps to help your recovery.


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20 Years of Experience

I have tackled different forms of issues faced by my patients, and all of them have left my care without any issues.

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