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Osteoarthritis: The relationship with your immune system

Osteoarthritis: The relationship with your immune system Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common degenerative disease. It is the result of wear and tear in the joint and affects the elderly population. In spite of the fact that OA used to be considered as a condition that only affected older population. Its onset occurs far earlier. And […]

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Neck Pain is one of the most common forms of pain especially for the working class in Singapore today. However, there are ways in which we can prevent and keep the soreness and pain at bay. By educating ourselves on the subject matter, we are better equipped to deal with the problem and […]

Arthritis Pain

What is Arthritis? Arthritis refers to a range of conditions that involve pain, inflammation , stiffness or swelling in a joint or joints. There are hundreds of different types of Arthritis , here are the 5 most common types of Arthritis.   Osteoarthritis  The most common form of arthritis. This condition is usually caused by […]

Slip Disc (Herniated Disc)

What Is Slip Disc? A Slip Disc is an intervertebral disc of the spine that has lost its normal shape and/or consistency. Our spines are made up of bones(vertebrae) stacked onto each other, cushioned by discs. Your intervertebral discs are spinal shock absorbers and help transfer load evenly.    Each disc consists of two parts: […]

Posture dysfunction causes physical pain and disorders

What is Posture Dysfunction? Postural dysfunction or “poor” posture occurs when the spine takes on a misaligned position. Such positions are the head tilting forward,  the rounding of the shoulders and an excessive curvature of the lower back leaving the hips behind the knees. When the body spends a lot of time in such positions, […]

Exercise is the best medicine

According to a January 2021 Ipsos survey on exercise behavior during COVID-19. About 40 percent of Singaporeans increased their exercise activities, while 24 per cent exercise less.  “Exercise is good for you” this has been a repeated and well known adage. One that is known not only within the medical community but is as well […]

Muscle Degeneration (Sarcopenia)

What is Sarcopenia?  Two recent epidemiological studies in Singapore, the Yishun Study and GERI-LABS 2 study, found that the prevalence of sarcopenia in the local community is between 27.0-32.2%. There is a direct association between sarcopenia and frailty,increased age and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass due to the natural […]

Tennis Elbow The Causes The Preventions The Therapy Methods

What is Tennis Elbow?   Tennis Elbow is an inflammatory musculoskeletal condition caused by overuse from repetitive motions. Motions involving the elbow just like when tennis players swing their racquets. This does not mean it is exclusive to only tennis. Other sports can also cause someone to have Tennis Elbow.   Tennis Elbow is usually […]