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Trigger Finger : Symptoms, Causes and Treatment by Gabriel

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The medical term for trigger finger (TF) is Stenosing tenosynovitis.  I have seen mostly male patients in the 50s of age group than the female however, it is more prevalent with patients who are diabetic. The condition of TF is one of the fingers usually is in the middle and ring finger that is inflamed. […]


Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) was first introduced in 1980s for medical procedures to pulverize (segmenting) kidney stones, gall bladder stones and breaking of physical hardened soft objects. There are 3 different shockwave generation; electrohydraulic, electromagnetic and piezoelectric principles. ESWT in orthopaedics & physical therapy employed electrohydraulic shockwaves, it is a powerful high-energy acoustic waves […]

Surgery Alternatives

Surgery Alternatives

With the advancement of technology, people tend to believe that there are no surgery alternatives and that surgeries are their only option to their physical pain and complaints. Surgeries like total hip replacement, total knee replacement, shoulder surgeries, and different types of spinal surgeries are pretty quick procedures that are quite commonly done these days. […]

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Knee Pain

There are many types of musculoskeletal pain an individual may go through. Common types of pain are muscle pain, bone pain, tendon pain, ligament pain, joint pain, and nerve pain. These pains have various causes and symptoms. By persisting and tolerating these pains, based on our observations in our clinic, the worser your condition becomes. […]

Pain Relief Without Drugs and Surgery

Pain Relief Without Drugs and Surgery - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

Pain has been one of the most terrible unsolicited friends we humans have always detested. Everyone who has had pain should at least consider looking for pain relief without drugs and surgery. Pain disrupts productivity, limits efficacy, hinders happiness and in the worst cases, may be an end to someone’s life. Conventional Pain Relief Methods […]

Medical Massage Benefits

Benefits of Medical Massage

Medical Massage, also known as clinical massage, is performed by trained massage therapists. These therapists usually work with physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors to obtain extensive knowledge of the human anatomy. Continue reading to learn how medical massage benefits you! Why do I need a medical massage? Myofascial tissue is a type of thin, strong, fibrous […]

4 Simple Yoga Poses That Anyone Can Do!

4 Simple Yoga Poses That Anyone Can Do!

In this post, we will be showing you 4 Simple Yoga Poses That Anyone Can Do! These exercises and poses are so simple that seniors and beginners alike are able to do it. Benefits of Yoga Yoga is beneficial as it reduces chronic pain such as lower back pain, arthritis, and headaches. It lowers your blood […]

4 Easy Exercises for Seniors and Beginners

Easy Exercises for Seniors and Beginners - Walking - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

4 Easy Exercises for Seniors and Beginners In this article, we will be showing you 4 easy exercises for seniors and beginners. Exercising is beneficial to everyone of all ages as it gives you a healthier heart, stronger bones, and increased strength. Exercise is especially important for seniors as it reduces chronic diseases, keeps your […]