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Why Healthy Weight Matters


BMI Indication

Body Mass Index is a baseline diagnostic tool, that helps to identify any potential weight related health risks such as; heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and many other adverse health diseases.  Further clinical diagnosis is then highly recommended to evaluate the risks factor.








Singapore BMI table:                       *BMI is not applicable to athletes that may have heavy muscle mass, special populations, pregnant women and children.

Risk Factors of Health Diseases

Excessive body weight increases high risk in developing cardiovascular heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes II, cancer, sleep apnea and musculoskeletal  joint pain.   Most obese face common physical joint stress and strain due to body gravitational weight bearing in on the lower back, knee and feet.  One of the common reasons why weight management is not successful with exercise is because, most obese faces challenges of body mechanical motion stress and stiffness during exercise, they struggle with the gravity of their excessive physical weight, and that puts them at higher risks of musculoskeletal joint pains and harm during exercise.  Body fat has negative impact on our metabolism and that affects the energy level essentially required for the breaking down of fat and calories during exercise thus, consistency is extremely difficult to maintain.

Physical Activities , Brisk Walk And House Chores

Managing, controlling and maintaining a healthy body weight basically requires discipline, effort and hard work.  Mapping out an exercise regime somehow is a struggle to many due to work load commitments, ironically at the end of the work day majority of us are physically and mentally exhausted and thus, simply leaving us in a fatigue state with no motivation to exercise.

To begin with how to MANAGE your current weight is to understand how much calories your body requires for a day of physical activities versus the amount of calorie intake  your aged body requires to burn in order to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Within a day’s work the simple physical activity of a brief walk from 1 or 2 bus stops away from your home or work, can basically eliminate up to 200 over calories subjected to how long, how fast your pace is and the duration of the walk.

CONTROL your meal’s calorie input versus the calorie output of your physical activities and then accumulate it over a weekly count, to check if you have gained or lost in a week.  Remember, our body requires an increase in input of calories in order to increase the calorie output for physical activities.  By not eating or by minimizing the calorie input against the calories required for our daily activities, our body metabolism is lower as a result. That is actually the power house that helps to burn the extra fat and therefore, you are unlikely to lose any extra kg.

Once you have MANAGED the weekdays physical activities and CONTROL the input VS output of required calories, the next level is to MAINTAIN the consistency of physical activities over the weekend instead of being a couch potato for hours.  Weekend house chores like washing the car, vacuuming and mopping your home, scrubbing the bath room’s floor or cleaning windows can help accumulate up to 200 to 500 calories lost.

Wrong perception of weight loss

Biological and Physiological Fast Facts to Lose Weight

Biological Genes And State of Health

You probably envy people who eat anything yet never put on any extra weight and stay slim and slender. And you probably tried every possible ways like balanced healthy diet, exercises regularly, adequate amount of rest and lead a healthy lifestyle unfortunately yet never shed any excess of body weight.

There are various reasons why you can’t lose weight;


Physiologically our body goes through aging process after reaching 20’s so is our body metabolism which starts declining with it.   Muscle then will be replaced by fat which lead to lower metabolism hence, you will experience weight gain rapidly as we grow older.

You can’t change aging physiologically & biologically but you can stay active with balance diet to maintain a healthy strong body & weight.


Studies has shown the number one killer in the century is our PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF STRESS. Unfortunately, the fast pace of the new economical changes in the world today, stress is here to stay. Stress triggers endocrine which is primarily the driver of stress response production hormone called cortisol.

The hormone decrease insulin sensitivity and increase our blood glucose in our system thus stimulating our appetite or craving for high sugary or fat intake.

Prolonged stress increases cortisol rapidly in our body that exacerbated musculoskeletal tension, stimulating high level of inflammation, lower body autoimmune system,  as well as other development of numerous physical and mental health conditions, including chronic fatigue, cancer, metabolic disorders (e.g., diabetes, obesity), hypercholesterolemia, depression and immune disorders.


  • Simply lesser sleep = lesser energy, inadequate of sleep <7 hours are likely to gain weight. Reasons being not having enough sleep require more energy to stay up, resulted consuming more than enough food to sustain the energy to stay awake thus, weight gain.
  • Researchers found that lack of sleep trigger two hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin. Studies have shown that when we have lesser sleep our body releases more ghrelin which increases your appetite and leptin releases from our fat cell suppresses the signal fullness to your brain, resulted in over eating.
  • Sleep deprivation also releases more cortisol hormone which is a stress hormone that will increases appetitie.
  • During sleep our muscle burn more calories, poor sleep leads to less calories burn and loss of muscle mass which resulted in lowering our body metabolism.

Most people find it a struggle to exercise when we do not have enough sleep reason simply is because of the lower body metabolism that is the ultimate trigger factor for releasing energy.  Having adequate and quality sleep is the reverse of all the above weight gain.


The fast fact is you are unable to change your heredity DNA in your Gene, there are fat & skinny gene that we inherited therefore, keeping a healthy strong body instead of shedding excess weight maybe the best medicine.

Despite of inheritance of “fatso” FTO gene affecting the body to consume food heavily, kick out the calories intake by increasing physical activities as well as build muscle mass to avoid excessive deposit of fat, in order to reduce the risks of any health adversity and well being.

Over-weight is not the significant pre-disposing factor of unhealthy body or disease however, eating the wrong type of food increases the risks of heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver and many other health adversity in obesity, which are the culprits. As the saying goes “Eat Food Like Is Medicine, Or You Be Eating Medicine Like Food”

Some people may have an ideal BMI body composition but it may not be that they are free or at no risk of any health diseases.

Gene maybe affecting our body composition, over-weight may not be necessarily be an unhealthy individual.  Change of lifestyle and environment certainly has great impact on individual “fatso” Gene to avoid unhealthy body


Medicine has its toll on your weight gain and it is very common in anti-depressant drugs, diabetes II, hypertension, thyroid drug, etc;

Most of the causes are due to stimulant in appetite, lower your metabolism that burn very slow calories, some drugs make you feel lethargic and fatigued leaving you without energy for any physical activities, or some will have side effect of dizziness and drowsiness like hypertension drugs beta blocker Tenormin, Metoprolol, etc.

Most hypertension medicine are basically diuretics drugs that cause water retention which resulted in fluid weight gain whereas, anti-depressant drugs has shown to make the patient feel tired and sleepy like, amitriptyline, doxepin, etc.

If you are required to take any drugs on long term basis which had cause you to gain weight, ask your doctor to switch to another brand possibly that may not gain weight dramatically.

Exercise is the best alternative in lowering the drug dosage for better control over weight.

Morning exercise is the best time for alternative medicine because most patient take their medication in the morning, thus, compliment with daily routine of exercise after medication will slow down the side effects of weight gain in long run.

Yo Yo Dieting

Yoyo diet is a short life span weight loss cycle that induces a fast loss and gain of a person’s weight in a short period of time.  More often than not, it has proved to be more detrimental to our well-being psychologically and confuses the body and mind.  Studies have shown that Yoyo diet causes more damage to our gut health, increases the risk of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.  It also slows down body metabolisms and as a result burn less calories from uptake during the day activities hence, causing the body to be fatigued and induces mood swings.

Slimming Centre & Prescription

To shed off the extra kg instantly through slimming technology is a myth, most slimming centre sell you the idea of fast effective weight loss within weeks.  Most customers ended with more losses of fluid in the body to lose weight and resulting in dehydrated conditions.

Crash diet has always been the selling point in the slimming centre, the reality it is a yoyo diet approach to the slimming.  However, customers will experience severe health adversities including high risk of heart disease, lower body metabolism, fatigue and mood swing.

Consuming certain slimming pills has its toll on our well-being, many such slimming food and pills will trigger racing heart beat and exhausting liver function.  The adversity of taking oral slimming pills increases the chance of loses more body fluid and nutrients affecting our gut health and thyroid.

Consuming adequate of carbohydrates and protein for our body needs, increases body metabolism for effective calories breakdown, increase daily physical activities of no less than 200 to 250mins a week will lead to weight loss eventually and effectively, not slimming centre myth.

Weight Loss Management

Clinical Body Composition For Weight Management

Clinical Bioimpedance analysis is a medical device that employs a measurement algorithms which is called BIA(bioelectrical impedance analysis) method, to measure patient’s body composition.

Human body is developed with highly complex type of different cell tissues containing water, protein, fat, and minerals called the body compositions.  The precision of the body composition measurement information must be reliable and highly accurate as to diagnose the human body state of health, which often leads to obesity creating many health complications like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, hypercholesterol, diabetes melitus II, back pain, etc

Such clinical measurement sets a better indication of direction to the weight loss, by understanding our body basal metabolic rate for clinical control over diet prescription, exercise regime, calories requirement for input and output calculation, percentage of fat to lose and how much to gain in our physiological muscle mass.

Each and everyone of us is unique in our body mass calories requirement for intake to burn more output of calories.  Setting a formulation of calculation base on healthy weight of 10 – 30% weight loss over 6 months period to factor into daily activities, weekly calculation accumulation to monthly permanent loss of body weight.

It is a clinical device to diagnose for muscle mass loss or sarcopenia for elderly as well thus, setting a target program to increase muscle mass for a better healthy weight gain for many elderly individual.

MHR To Increase Resting Heart Rate For Weight Loss

Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) is a calculation simply using 220-age =MHR, to determine & control the intensity of your exercise program and progression for a specific health goal.

It is highly recommended that in order to achieve weight loss set your exercise heart rate ranging from 65% -85% of your MHR over 45-75mins spread over 7 days up to 180mins – 250mins.

Cardio respiratory exercise for special population age group with family history, lifestyle and health disease are advisable to consult a physician first before embark into any moderate or high intensity aerobic exercise for weight loss.

Reduce Knee And Other Skeletal

Many over-weight patients face with many physical struggles of their body weight during exercise and ended with swollen painful knees, plantar facscitis and even lower back pain. Thus, making physical activities a big challenge and barrier to their weight loss.

Prolong exercise of up to 45 or 60 mins to increase MHR up to 75% – 85% is almost impossible to attain.

We adapted the most advance State Of The Art Nasa Technology to alleviate the painful physical body weight that most patients struggle with their weight management exercise.

Our Safe, Fast & Effective Weight Loss Program

Excessive load of gravitational body weight puts our physical joints in a stressful and painful condition during exercise. It also adds risk to body muscle imbalance that of which will leads us to joint weakness, ligamentous laxity and many other musculoskeletal disorders.

AlterG® NASA Anti-Gravity use innovative Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology that enables unprecedented partial weight bearing therapy and training capabilities. A pressurised “anti-gravity” chamber counteracts gravitational forces, gently adjusting body weight from 100% down to as low as 20% with unparalleled precision. This uniform lifting force reduces impact, pain, and effort physically, while supporting normal gait and balance – hence, encouraging full free range of motion, functional movement while walking, jogging and running.

Our program is safe and does not strain or stress physical joints, where most individuals find difficulty and challenge in the excessive gravitational body weight in walking, jogging or running for an extended time.  Our patients will go through a pre-participation screening to assess their physical and health risks, this is a risk assessment we put in place to avoid any mishap and harm. Safety is our priority.

This weight management program will effectively increase the resting heart rate so as to keep the body metabolite system active, so it may continue burning the fats while resting. Lowering the blood’s sugar level and blood pressure level, along with reducing LDL and increasing HDL will ultimately help prevent atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack. Other health benefits will include lowering stress and depression.

Our patients will experience a clinical body composition and physical joints assessment along with a family history consultation session with our certified clinician.

Every individual program is customized and tailored to the individual’s biological characteristics and specifications, a health and cardiac screening may be required to ensure safe, fast and effective results.

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