Ultrasound therapy used for physical strain, muscle knot or pain is a passive modality which help to relaxes muscle fibers, increase blood flow and soft tissue that help healing.   Though typically recognized from OBGYNS, the practice of using ultrasound is also found in pain management intervention by healthcare professional.

Ultrasound Therapy is a type of pain-management which uses sound waves to generate vibrations onto the skin of the applied area. These vibrations transmit energy in the form of heat all the way to the skin’s molecular level, which enables blood flow to increase around the area of application. With the use of our Flexall Gel, its anti-inflammatory properties will penetrate the skin to reduce the pain and swelling after harm is caused.

The benefit of Ultrasound on physiological used can alleviate pain inflammation, joints swelling  as well as restore the scarring tissue.  Physical harm from sprains, tendinitis or bursitis (inflammation of sacs meant to cushion your muscles and body), Ultrasound speed up the repair mechanism through the high energy of pulses to heal recovery.


Some of the most common causes for pain that our patients usually seek ultrasound therapy for are pains caused by sports, muscle strains, muscle spasms and inflammation pain.

  1. Muscle strains basically started to feel spasm which may be the result of overuse or over exert in the muscle tissues. Consequently, if the strain muscle persisted over time and exertion may resulted to tear.   There are many other conditions of strain muscle can be simply due to our daily activities of poor posture. 
  2. Muscle spasms typically occur from certain over contraction or cramp conditions eg;  Waking up with a neck stiffness and tension due to sleeping on one side of the body thus causing neck muscle spasm. Ultrasound aid in increasing circulation of blood flood and relaxes muscle fiber to release stiffness and spasm.
  3. Inflammation or Swelling:  Ultrasound has the effectiveness of bring down the inflammation or swelling quickly.  One of the significant benefit of using ultrasound is non-invasive and pain free modality.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, safe and effective intervention, as compare to invasive methods like pain killer drugs, injection or surgery.    

It is also important to mention that leading a healthier lifestyle on top of being a part of our pain relief therapy helps to keep your body, mind and heart strong. For more information on other type of therapy we offer, check out our article on Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)

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Ultrasound Therapy

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