Nerve and Muscle Stimulaton therapy

Neuromuscular Stimulation, otherwise known as the Nerve and Muscle Stimulation Therapy is a mode of pain management that  involves the passing of electrical impulses or currents through problematic painful areas around the body. This method is effective because it interferes with the development of further pain symptoms or diseases. This is an effective way of interfering with the development of symptoms and diseases through the deliberate pulsations made through the skin. With neuromuscular stimulated, muscle spasms can be reduced among other reasons, such as the prevention of retarding disuse atrophy, promote an increase in local blood circulation, muscle rehabilitation, and re-education of electrical muscle stimulation. On top of this, it helps one in maintaining and increasing the range of motion, management of chronic pain, post-traumatic acute pain, and post-surgical acute pain.

Neuromuscular Stimulation

Non Invasive Muscle and Nerve Stimulation Therapy