Neck Pain – the Causes and Treatment

“Pain in the neck…” as the saying goes, indeed neck pain is not a toying matter and is relatively common but do you know how heavy is our head weight?

Yes, it is approximately 4.5kg to 5.5kg which 7 cervical vertebra is up holding the gravitational head weight and with about 20 different neck muscle to support the movement of our neck.

Neck pain is very disruptive to our quality of living, some of the common neck pain related symptoms are:

  • Stiffness & Strain tension
  • Headache & migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Numbness and tingling sensation in our arm and fingers
  • Pulling shoulder muscle tension
  • Whiplash (commonly associated with car accident impact from the back)


  • wear and tear (osteoarthritis)
  • degeneration of vertebrae disc
  • stenosis of cervical canal
  • abnormal curvature of neck spine
  • cervical disc protrusion(traumatized, accident or injury).
  • Front Head Posture Syndrome (FHPS)
  • excessive use of mobile phone–Text neck or drop Neck(DN)
  • inadequate or poor pillow support on the neck



There is no one size pillow that fit all, it is a myth that contour pillow is the best and ideal type of neck support pillow.  Having the right height and size to support the neck are pretty much determine by the size of your physical.  Sleep on your back and when the head & neck is well supported by the right size and height of the pillow, your feet or toes will be visible when you look down.

If you don’t see your toes your pillow is too low or pillow is too soft to firmly support the neck. When you sees the full size of your feet, it indicated that the pillow is too high up and this posture can aggravate neck that is overly flex which can cause neck extensor muscle weakness progressively.

A neutral cervical spine at rest is less stressful on the neck and less tension on the shoulder while sleeping.

Avoid poor neck posture during the day and incorporate a daily stretches and strengthening exercises whenever is needed. Be mindful with the daily activities of neck posture and making sure the neck is rest well on the shoulder, also making sure the ear lope on the side is align down to the shoulder.

Front head postures syndrome over prolong period not only weakened the neck muscle, the imbalance weak neck muscle can trigger excruciating cervical prolapse disc pain.

Neck pain is disruptive to quality of living and detrimental to our physical health hence, starts exercising good posture at work support your neck well while sleeping and exercises daily neck stretches to balance neck muscle.


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