Lower Back Pain

Survey has shown that more than 50% of Singapore population are suffering from some form of Chronic pain, out of which 80% of the physical pain  are mainly lower back ache.


Lower back pain is prevailing due to the prolonged hours of desk bound related work.  Any individual seated with accumulated of more than 6 hours in a day, is at high risk of experiencing lower back pain.


The typical common lower back pain condition is due to  sedentary lifestyle and excessive bodily weight.  Maintaining a healthy body weight of BMI <23 and waist circumference of 90-102cm (Men), 80-90cm (Women) lower the risk of backache.  People who do not have excessive weight or waist circumference as indicated can be vulnerable to lower back ache because of weak core muscle, imbalance lower back muscle, repetitive lifting of heavy objects and other musculoskeletal degenerative conditions.


There are many other various back pain symptoms such as:

  • Spinal degenerative joints; Ankylosing Spondylitis, a inflammatory spinal joint disease which can affect anyone   young and old, symptoms include stiffness, inflexiblility, dull aching and pain especially in the morning.


  • The common lower back ache is Osteoarthritis, due to aging wear and tear in the lumbar especially in the L4&L5. Osteoarthritis on the lower back spine can be degenerated to other conditions such as spondylolisthesis, the displacement of the vertebra usually on the L4/L5. As a result it can cause excruciating pain and numbness, tingling sensation down to the lower limb.
  • One of the most preventable lower back ache is slip /herniated disc. It is a condition of a disc that cushioning the  two separated vertebra in the spine to have slip out pressing the spinal nerve in the spinal canal, causing severe tingling pain and numbness on the lower back and the limb.  People who are vulnerable to such lower back pain are:
  1. Over weight and weak lumbar.
  2. Repetitive of lifting heavy objects
  3. Prolonged hours of poor posture in sitting as a result weakened the lower back muscle
  4. Traumatized injuries or accident


Most lower back pain are usually preventable even though we cannot avoid the aging process of wear and tear in our spine.  There are many method and application to avoid excruciating back pain such as:


  • Keep our body weight in check in a healthy range
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Increase the lower back flexibility through daily stretches, eg: supine truck rotation, crunches, cat stretch etc.
  • Stabilize and strengthen our core muscle like simple planking exercise.
  • Seated with lower back pillow supported
  • Exercise 150 to 300 mins weekly to maintain a healthy strong back and spine.


Fast & Effective Non-Invasive treatments:

PAIN CLINIC@WELLNESS PHILOSOPHY offers fast and safe effective lower back pain treatments, we do not use needles, drugs or invasive equipments.

Using state-of-the-art advance clinical technologies and incorporating “Exercise Is Medicine”rehabilitation program to eliminate lower back pain conditions.


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