Lower back pain – Working from home

The pandemic coronavirus has confined the majority of the world’s work force to work from home. Singapore is of no exception when it comes to working from home.

Because of this, it is bringing a whole new dimension of environmental conditions that will develop musculoskeletal pain issues to the majority of people working from home. Converting their bed, dining room and kitchen to a work station of hazard for their physical condition.

The challenge here is that people are not properly equipped with the knowledge and furnishing which required to create an ergonomically conducive work station and space. Some would work from kitchen tables, sofa tables and even on their beds, etc.;

Due to poor ergonomically built chairs and tables lacking in adequate lower back support. A development of poor posture induced pain will be prevalent in these current environmental conditions. Particularly for lower back pain condition.

Complaints of sciatic nerve impingement are prevalent due to poor chair support.  Other complaints includes neck and shoulder pains and this is possibly because of working in unconducive spaces and furnishing like a bed.

Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy has successfully delivered the desired pain relief methods and results for muscle imbalance spasms as well as the pulling of muscles. One of the top few complaints from our patients.

Our experience can further advice some of the work-related ergonomic changes to correct their work space at home to alleviate and prevent the recurrence of such musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Relevant stretches and exercises can be then implemented to their daily work-from-home environment, so as to balance muscles under tension.

We use state of the art technology clinical equipment to deliver safe, fast and effective result.



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