Work-related Injury Rehabilitation

Work related injury is on the rise. With more than 85% of the world population being generally confined to a computer work desk, the prevalence of physical injuries is due to poor seated posture.

Prolonged hours of sitting with a bad posture results in a weak lower back and this causes lower back pain. Bad postures include the forward bending of the neck, having both arms extending out from the body with rounded shoulders, being seated far away from the chair and having back rest without adequate support.

Over prolonged duration, such poor postures can accumulate into a traumatized disorder condition (ATD). Patients tend to start experiencing neck and shoulder tension with initial symptoms such as headache, migraine and fatigue. Pain and numbness in the shoulder blade is a warning sign for frozen shoulder or shoulder tendonitis and capitalist.

Poor lower back support can lead to instability, weak core muscles, hip tension and slip disc. Cases of such work related injury are getting more common. If you have these symptoms, seek the right professional help instead of getting the conventional medical therapy, which does not address the underlying cause of the physical injury.

We offer comprehensive physical assessment and clinical imaging like X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Bone Mass Density Test, etc. We use the most clinically advanced, safe and effective modalities for a non-invasive intervention to treat work related injuries and pain.

work-related injury treatment in Singapore

Apart from treating the physical injury and pain, we have an extensive program for physical rehabilitation for patients who experience neck pain, frozen shoulder, lower back pain, slip disc and knee injury.

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