Weight Loss Management

Singapore Health Promotion Board reported that obesity is on the rise at a rapid rate since 2010, with an increase of 24%, and has the second highest overweight prevalence in the ASEAN at 32.4%.

The study shows that when Singaporeans enter the workforce, they are too busy with their work life which leads them to adopting a more sedentary lifestyle and thus, resulting in obesity.

Body Mass Index – (BMI) chart:

Optimal : 18.5-22.9 kg/m2

Overweight :>23.0

Pre-obese: 23.0-27.4

Obese : 27.5

Waist Circumference guidelines:

Men : 90cm

Women: 80cm

Overweight and obesity causes many health complication as well as increased risks of physical joints disorders such as knee and lower back pain, slip disc, plantar fasciitis. Increase in BMI attributes to chronic diseases like, Diabetes Mellitus type II, Cardiovascular heart disease, stroke, cancer and Musculoskeletal Osteoarthritis.

Our Anti-Gravity Weight Loss Program uses NASA technology to reduce body weight up to 95% to sustain and prolong the exercise regime.

AlterG Anti Gravity pioneered the concept of combining air pressure to reduce body weight and a treadmill into a single clinical machine, which provides a comfortable body weight which is effective in supporting you during your treadmill exercise.

It is a very sophisticated air pressure regulation system that calibrates your body weight, providing the ability to control the body weight precisely for the treadmill exercise without stressing any physical joints and the heart.

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