Understanding Pain

Pain is bigger than you think, and my definition of Pain underlies 2 experiences:

1)Physical pain involves physiological stimulus of sensory nerve, which trigger our brain-transmitting signal of tissue injuries and damages.

2)Emotional pain is a psychological & physiological arouses from an unpleasant events or experience which alters our mood or behaviors.

And how so, you may ask.

My emphasis is pain affects people physically and psychologically far more than you can imagine.  Both types are inter-link and cohesive experiences which physical pain is detrimental to our daily activities emotionally.

Most people endure pain in their everyday lives – at work, during physical activities and social functions. And while the pain may be bearable, it is still hindering you from achieving your optimal performance.

My theory of physical pain staged 4 categories:

1).  Muscle Imbalance

Our bodily muscle works in pair and usually we work on one group of muscle more than the other, eg: When you sit more than 5 hours at work in an up right position with neutral spine(without any support), you are lightly to experience and sustain exertion on your lumbar hence, your abdomen  muscle is lengthened, which resulted in specific physical muscle imbalance.

2).  Postural Dysfunction

Posture, which is in a stage of muscle imbalance somehow accumulating over period of time, will result in so called Postural Dysfunction Pain.  What I mean is when we do not have a proper posture in our daily activities are likely to experience “PAIN”

3).  Resistance

However, most of us understand and perhaps is aware of the pre-conditioning physical pain, which may or may not be bearable enough, lives with it.  I called it “RESISTANCE STAGE”   It is a journey to the next stage….

4). Chronic

This is a stage most people can avoid if some amount of attention and afford are focus on the issue.  Chronic pain means that the “stimulus” is perpetually living in you.

For some, it has already become a way of life. But if you sit down and think harder, how much higher your golf club can go, or how much clearer you could be thinking without the pounding of headache at work?

The philosophy of living a fulfilling, active and healthier lifestyle, pain should not be compromised.  The bottom line is, you don’t have to live with chronic pain and achieve less.

My association & experience , I have acquired  3 basic responses from people:

1.The pain that I am experiencing is attributed to ageing, or the degenerative process of my body and I submit to it.

2.My medication (muscle relaxants, aspirins) is helping me.

3.“I am still young so it’s ok with the pain for now”.

“Nonsense & absurd”, I tell them.  I have proven beyond any doubts of living a pain-free life myself and to my clients.

Pain should not be compromise to a boiling point of surgery, taking great care of physical health is the gate way to healthier life.

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