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What is a Slipped Disc?

A slipped disc can be coined by many names, whether it is termed as “herniated,” “ruptured,” or “prolapsed,” this condition refers to the pushing out of soft cushion tissues between the bones in your spine. It feels extremely painful when it presses on one’s nerves. The condition of a slipped disc stems from wear-and-tear where the discs suffer from degeneration and lose their elasticity (refer to image below).

Slipped Disc Treatment Singapore | Wellness Philosophy

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Who affects Slipped Discs the MOST?

Individuals most prone to slipped discs span from 30-50 years old and occur more in males than females. According to the Informed Health Org. (2020), men are twice as likely to have a slipped disc compared to women. However, there are also other risk factors including weight, prolonged sitting, or a past history of injuries such as whiplash (sudden movement in the back that causes it to move forwards, backwards or sideways).

Slipped Disc Treatment Methods

Here with Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy, we offer not only the best and advanced conservative methods to help treat your slipped disc, we also offer strengthening programs that maintain your improved condition.

  1. Spinal Decompression Therapy: Created for treating slipped discs, spinal decompression therapy, otherwise known as traction provides pain relief through the process of releasing stress and pressure from your back. Spinal nerves that were affected from slipped discs are detracted (pulled/stretched for realignment) to reduce any radiating pain from your back to lower limbs. This treatment has benefited many of our patients with conditions relating to their back – see our video with Mr Ho!
  2. Ultrasound Therapy: With ultrasound waves, heat is generated and transmitted to create vibrations through the skin. These vibrations promote and increase tissue healing because blood flows and circulates in your specific region with a slipped disc. Overtime, the body will encounter an increased ease to produce laxity of the discs and prevent herniation.
  3. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT): Next, Pain Clinic – Wellness Philosophy utilises ESWT as a method which enables you to say that, “Surgery is not your only option.” It speeds up recovery in ligaments and connective tissues because it channels your body’s natural healing/repair mechanism without causing any side effects. Using high energy sound waves in the form of shocks, these are sent and absorbed for the skin to activate and regenerate cells damaged in your discs from herniation.
  4. Rehab & Strengthening: Healing is not complete without maintenance, thus with us, we offer a health & wellness program with our practitioner to improve your body’s condition even with a slipped disc. You will undergo a clinical assessment prior to engaging in any physical activity recommended. Afterwards, together with the practitioner, you will learn and work your body in a safe environment.

Slipped Disc Treatment | Wellness Philosophy

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Support our esteemed client’s recovery from slipped disc in the video below! Despite a fall that caused paralysis, his determination and faith in our treatment and rehabilitation has lef to be able to walk once more!

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