Speed Interval Training (SIT)

speed interval training for weight loss and fitness to improve health issues

Speed interval training is designed for specific group of individuals who want to lose weight, increase insulin sensitivity for diabetes type II, lower hypercholesterolemia and high blood pressure as well as many other musculoskeletal disorder conditions.

This program involves both the aerobic and the anaerobic system, which during the high-speed training the body uses the anaerobic system to outburst the energy which use the glycogen stored in the muscle for the high intensity training. It may lead to fatigue and the by product is lactic acid.

On the contrary of aerobic system which is the interval phase, the intensity is lower. Hence, this leads to a consolidation of the energy output. During the interval phase, the uptake of oxygen into the system will then break down in fatigue lactic acid which was accumulated during the anaerobic system. At this time the heart and lung recovered the oxygen uptake for the next phase of speed intensity.

There are many health benefits in the SIT program, it breaks down calories at a faster pace with shorter time, hence, lowering the cholesterol and glucose level in the blood stream.

Our sports science SIT program had proven track record of helping our chronic diabetic patients to lower down their Metformin dosage as well as the high blood pressure beta blocker medication.

speed interval training for weight loss programme in Singapore

Our programmes, as an effective weight loss treatment, have helped patients with metabolic syndrome as well as complicated health conditions to lose weight up to 5 kg. over 6 weeks.

Patients will go through a health risk assessment and may be required to have a comprehensive blood screening and a cardiac screening done by our specialist.

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