Shoulder Pain From Poor Posture – “How To” Relief The Pain & Tension

Shoulder Pain and Poor Posture

We spend one third of our life time sleeping rejuvenating our health and repairing our body system.

Repetitive sleeping on the side/lateral position for more than 6 hours generally accumulates tension, stress, strain and pain. 

Most common pain symptoms of sleeping side position are:
  1. Neck Stiffness typically affects the Sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM) which is one of the pillar that support our neck. Straining SCM can attribute to headaches, migraine and dizziness from time to time.


  1. Body weight compressing on one side of the shoulder blade, majority of them suffered from pinched nerve that leads to numbness tingling sensation on the arm, hand and fingers. Sometimes it can radiates pain on the chest.


3.  It can cause rotator cuff injuries over time which basically caused inflammation on the shoulder soft tissues, AKA adhesive capsulitis. Signs and symptoms includes limited range of motion or movement, unable to flex your shoulder or putting on your T shirt, reaching your arm behind or lifting an object.


  1. Bicep tendinitis or bursitis are very common complaints of pain which was the result of one side of the upper arm lying under the full body weight from sleeping side position. 

Therapy Programs can easily help Shoulder pains without any surgery or invasive methods like needle injections of corticosteroid or medications.  It is the underlying cause of such poor postures that needs to be addressed and corrected. 

 The result are fast, safe, effective and it is non-invasive!

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