Sciatica Back Pain


Back pain are relatively common and some of the common symptom are dull aching pain or weak imbalance lumbar muscle soreness.

Sciatica nerve are nerve pathway spiral down from the lower back to hip, then to the buttock and down to each leg.  Common symptom of sciatic nerve impingement are the radiculopathy sensation of pain and numbness from the hip to the buttock and radiates to the thigh, calf and leg.

The pain can be burning sensation or excruciating pain, at time there are electric shock pain on the lower back particularly bending down to pick up an object. Prolonged sitting is one of the common cause of sciatica nerve impingement and can easily aggravated by excessive body weight as well as imbalance weak lumbar muscle.

People who experience severe sciatica may have significant leg weakness and bowel or bladder changes.  Some people also have numbness, tingling sensation most of the time. Some experience pain in one part of the leg and numbness sensation on the other leg.

Common Causes of sciatica include:

AGE. Degenerative spine which bone spurs is one of the most common causes of sciatica.

OBESITY. Excessive body weight bearing can weakened the lumbar muscle to aggravate and trigger sciatica.

OCCUPATION. A job that requires prolong sitting or lifting heavy loads increase the risks of the compression of the nerve.

DIABETES. Generally affects and damage some of our neurological system

POOR SLEEPING POSTURE.  This are the most prevalence in sciatic nerve especially poor support in our posture while asleep



It’s possible to prevent sciatica and prevent lower back pain;

  • Exercise regularly.Strengthen your lower back and keep a healthy balance lumbar muscle as well as build a strong core muscles — ensure your lower back is strong to keep it upright and erected with proper posture and alignment.
  • Maintain good posture Incorporate a ergonomics good sitting work desk with right chair to protect the lower back and support with armrests.   Try to minimizes prolong sitting while at work and stretch your lower back from time to time.
  • Body Weight: Maintain an ideal body weight with good diet habits to prevent excessive body weight.

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