diabetes treatment in SIigapore

Using NASA Technology reduces body weight up to 95% to lose weight, increase insulin sensitivity for diabetes type II, lower hypercholesterolemia and high blood pressure as well as many other musculoskeletal disorder conditions.

Alter G Anti Gravity pioneered the concept of combining air pressure to reduce body weight and treadmill into a clinical machine, which provides a comfortable controlled body weight to support during the treadmill exercise to lose weight.

A very sophisticated air pressure regulation system that calibrates your body weight, prior to control the body weight precisely to support for the treadmill run without stressing any physical joints and heart.

Reversal Program for PRE Metabolic Syndrome has many health benefits, it breaks down calories at a faster pace with shorter time, lower the cholesterol, reduce glucose and blood pressure level.

Our Reversal Program had proven track record of helping our pre diabetic patients to lower down their metformin dosage as well as the high blood pressure medications.

Our programmes have helped patients with metabolic syndrome as well as complicated health conditions to lose weight up to 5kg over 6 weeks.

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