Reducing Our Hypertension & High Blood Pressure Symptoms – The Natural Way

Hypertension is defined as the condition where the amount of blood pumping to and from the heart to our body at abnormal pressure, i.e. the heart pumps harder than normal consistently. This is also otherwise known as High Blood Pressure (HBP). This condition of Hypertension/HBP can be risky in managing one’s health from the physical as well as psychological aspect. Many factors have to be taken into consideration with certain foods and physical activities that a clinical diagnosis is recommended in understanding how to better control, reduce and manage the blood pressure. In this article, reducing our symptoms of High Blood Pressure and Hypertension can be done with natural means!


How can I understand my Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is calculated separately, namely as the systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP).  The difference between both numbers is the period with which they measure the blood pressure’s activity. The SBP shows the amount of pressure of blood flowing against the artery walls on the beats of one’s heart, DBP shows the pressure of blood flowing against the artery walls when the heart is at the rest of each beat.


The ranges of different blood pressure stages can be seen in the table below:

Blood Pressure StagesSystolic (SBP)Diastolic (DBP)
Normal< 120< 80
Elevated120 -129< 80
Hypertension (HBP) Stage 1130 – 13980 – 89
Hypertension (HBP) Stage 2> 140> 120


Okay… Now that I am aware of my Hypertension, how can I live freely with it?


Maintaining a well-balanced healthy lifestyle!

“Exercise is medicine!” The saying is indeed true by the American College of Sports Medicine, especially in decreasing the HBP. But do note that as mentioned, there are risks in exercising with HBP if the range of pressure is consistently high. The physical activities we engage should be clinically prescribed to control the high pressures specifically to our personal condition with Hypertension. We may have to be on HBP medication to manage the condition before such exercises are recommended.


The benefits of exercise pertaining to HBP in particular can be seen in the following points:

1. Managing Blood Pressure

  • Helps to lower blood pressure into the normal range. (refer to our image comparisons below on the effects of exercise on BP; before and after)
  • As exercise leads to increased circulation to all parts of the body, regulation of blood pressure is done to maintain the body’s active state.
  • Exercise helps to dispense nitric oxide to dilate one’s blood vessels and thereby lowering the blood pressure.


2. Improves Mood

  • During exercise, the body releases endorphins (natural painkillers) and dopamine (happy chemicals) that promote positive emotions.
  • This decreases feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, thus improving one’s well-being and providing holistic support physically and mentally.

3. Builds Physical Strength

  • Exercise has many other benefits to our fitness, wellness and mental health – increasing physical strength and respiratory fitness, and thus improving our immune system.
  • Patients with HBP are highly recommended to engage in 180 minutes to 200 minutes of physical activity or sports over the week, with the heart rate beating up to 75 – 85% of the maximum heart rate.


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