Experiencing Pain Relief without Surgery, Medications and Needles

Pathology of Pain

Pain is an unpleasant and disruptive experience to the quality of life. The experience of pain occurs when there is stimuli in an area around the body communicating with our brain that we are hurt, experiencing a pain condition, tissue damages, fracture or tear.

There are 2 classification of pain symptoms:

Physiologically and Psychologically, despite of pain unpleasant stimuli it is also a protective and restrictive mechanism. This is to lower our risk of hurting ourselves and physiological damages from further aggravation through inflammation and nociceptive symptoms.

Psychological pain is simply a state of mind and emotional instability of dealing with or feeling the lost, guilt, fear, angst, loneliness and helpless situation.

Conventional Pain Relief Methods

To limit the effect of pain in the body, scientists suggest the use of medications. Painkiller is the most commonly used medication to alleviate pain.

Painkillers proved to be a great way to bring pain relief to different types of pain. However, the propensity that these medications have is the ability of side effects to occur. Other than the effects wanted for pain relief and pain management, they have been made a subject of abuse amongst users. Thus, it is important to help reduce the misuse of painkiller medications that are used in the therapy of acute and chronic pain conditions.

These days, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and pain management specialists are looking beyond painkillers for effective pain management alternatives. This has led to the development and exploration of other effective pain relief therapies which we are going to discuss below.

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Although drugs are used and intended for pain relief purposes, they are highly invasive. It has the capability of causing unpleasant side effects when used over time or consumed in excess. For this reason, one cannot but question the safety of consuming drugs in humans.

While the safety of medication is questionable, some available alternate non-invasive therapy methods have proven to be reliable as they are accompanied with no significant, disturbing, or life-threatening effects. It’s also important for the person in pain to feel empowered that he or she is in control.

By learning the techniques that embrace a holistic approach, they learn that they can be in control.

Pain Relief Methods Apart From Medication, Drugs, and Surgery.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a type of modern therapy that uses the science of acoustic properties in the relief and management of pain.

This innovative approach of tending to pain is done by introducing high energy soundwaves into areas where pain exists.

In extracorporeal shockwave therapy, acoustic energy waves are sent into the painful areas of the body. Previously scarred ligament, tissues, or cellular surfaces that were harmed regenerates new blood vessels and bone cells.

This regeneration process otherwise known as re-vascularisation induces the release of pain decreasing chemicals, decreasing the sensitivity of pain receptors surrounding the painful area, causing the body to heal faster while pain is being eliminated. This causes a restorative and repair process in the body tissue where the pain is felt or found. It is usually used in sports medicine, urology, physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, and orthopaedics.

The extracorporeal shockwave therapy device is a non-surgical method of therapy and managing pain. It requires no painkillers, drugs or medications, or needles in restoring the painful area of the body. Thereby making it a non-invasive technique for pain relief and pain management.

The most important and unique feature of this method of managing pain is its ability to restore the body so fast without the use of conventional pain therapy methods. Shoulder , hip, jumper’s knee, hamstrings, calcification, chronic tendinopathy, stress fracture, tennis elbow, scar tissue, non-healing ulcers, and bone healing are a few of the conditions that can be recovered from shockwave therapy.

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It is a better alternative over conventional medicine due to its non-exploration of drugs. Its affordability also makes it a preferred choice over other methods of pain management available.

Another emerging approach found in chronic and acute pain medicine is ultrasound therapy.

Ultrasound Therapy

Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

Ultrasound therapy program uses soundwaves to promote pain relief and tissue healing. It is usually used by physical therapists and occupational therapists.

Ultrasound therapy sends soundwaves that are generated from a transducer (something like a microphone) deep down into the soft tissue of the affected area. These waves emit energies that causes microscopic vibration within the tissues.

Ultrasound therapy is used in the helping of pain conditions such as osteoarthritis, myofascial pain, bursitis, strain and sprain, carpal tunnel syndrome, phantom limb pain, and scarred tissues. Additionally, it should be noted that ultrasound therapy should not be used around these regions; the eyes, breast, sexual organs, abdomen or lower back or pelvic region of pregnant women or menstruating women.

It should also not be used over areas of fractures, broken skin, plastic implants or impaired blood flow.  Those who have a pacemaker should also avoid this therapy. Ultrasound therapy sessions are typically not painful. You may feel a light warm sensation on your skin due to the cooling effect of the gel.

It will be beneficial to explore this kind of pain relief therapy. Especially if you have yet to experience other pain relief methods.

Your health counts more than anything else and you deserve a delightful pain-free life.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

Spinal decompression therapy is a method of pain control and is associated with the stretching of the spine with the focus to relieve pain related to leg pain, back pain, and neck pain. This is a non-surgical modality of for pain. The spine is carefully stretched using a traction table to relieve the pressure placed on the spine. The after-effect allows more oxygen and nutrients to flow through the spinal canal to heal and feed the affected areas.

Spinal decompression therapy features a single therapy session that often lasts for about 30-45 minutes, depending on the severity of your condition. During the therapy session, you are made to lie on a computer-controlled device. The pain management specialist fits you with a harness around your pelvis and your trunk. This therapy is used for conditions like a worn spinal joint, pain conditions or diseased spinal root, herniated or degenerated disk.


Non-invasive pain relief - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

Finally, following one of these non-invasive methods guarantees you of a safer and healthy life. You enjoy a clean organ system away from seemingly harmless medication, while experiencing pain relief.

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