Pain Relief with Ultrasound Therapy


Ultrasound therapy is used for physical strains, muscle knots or pain as a passive modality – helping to relax and heal muscle fibers, increase blood flow and soft tissues enabling relief from pain. Though typically recognised from OBGYNS, the practice of using ultrasound is also found in pain management intervention by healthcare professional. This ultrasound therapy uses powerful sound waves that are transmitted into the muscle’s innervated nerve using different intensities and frequencies specifically suited to the patient’s condition for the optimum pain relief.

The benefits of Ultrasound on physiological needs include the alleviation of inflammatory pain and joint swells, as well as restore scarring tissue. Physical pain conditions such as sprains, tendinitis or bursitis (inflammation of sacs meant to cushion your muscles and body) are also put through therapy with ultrasound. This is to speed up the repair mechanism using the high energy of pulses to induce recovery.


Ultrasound therapy helps with common causes for pain:

  1. Muscle spasms typically occur from certain over contraction or cramp conditions, e.g. up neck stiffness and tension upon wake due to sleeping on one side of the body. The uncomfortable position for one’s muscles causes them to spasm. Ultrasound aids in increasing the circulation of blood flow, relaxing the muscle fibers and releasing stiffness.
  2. Muscle strains on the other hand, starts with an experience of spasm that comes from an over-usage or over-exertion in the muscle tissues. Consequently, if the strained muscle persists over time, the exertion may result in a tear. There are many conditions of a strained muscle that can be simply due to poor posture in our daily activities.
  3. Inflammation or Swelling is the condition in which the body responds to an irritant in the body by causing heat, redness and pain to a specific area. Ultrasound has the effectiveness of bring down any inflammation or swelling quickly through its deep-tissue contact.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive, safe and effective intervention. As compare to invasive methods like pain killer drugs, injection or surgery. It is also important to mention that leading a healthier lifestyle on top of being a part of our Pain programs helps to keep your body, mind and heart strong. For more information on other types of therapy we offer, check out our article on Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT)!

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