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Ankle pain is a relatively common condition for us – that experience of twisting your ankle upon meeting a dip in your walking path or while doing sports is not anything unusual. The pain condition involves the ligaments (tissues connecting bones to other bones) surrounding the ankles to accidentally twist or turn. This experience is otherwise known as the sprained ankle where we observe swells and bruises around our ankle. These can make walking or standing very painful and unstable.

Most sprained ankles, if not well handled in its healing and fully recovered, has the tendency in becoming a repeated sprain. Pain in the ankle therefore gets exacerbated as over time the ligament weakens. With repeated sprains, the ligament’s condition may even turn into a full tear of the ankle’s tissues.

Read our article to know how to heal your ankle pain below:


1. Diagnosing Your Sprain

  • Firstly, seek our pain consultant for assessment and advice regarding a full recovery therapy.
  • A clinical provisional diagnosis is important to understand the underlying cause of such a sprain or tear.
  • Analyzing the biomechanical gait (manner in walking or standing) of both feet is essential in correction one’s movement.
  • Imaging of MRI or X-ray may be required to confirm whether the pain comes from a severe sprain or tea. This allows us to suggest the best therapy intervention.

2. Understanding How it Affects Movement

  • Secondly, understanding and correcting our standing gait is important to determine how it affects our ankle pain during our movement and motion.
  • During the consultation with us, gait analysis will be conducted to determine if you have an overly pronated or supinated gait.
  • We will observe your range of ankle movement and how your ankle pain impacts the way that you walk, i.e. the biomechanical gait cycle.

3. Rehabilitating the Ankle

  • Thirdly, Pain Clinic – Wellness Philosophy offers comprehensive pain program as well as rehabilitation for ankle pain conditions.
  • AlterG: Our AlterG was created by NASA, also known as the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. It has the ability to reduce your gravitational body weight up to 90% to rehabilitate the sprain and improve the biomechanical mobility. It enhances ankle strengthening and stimulates blood flow for flexibility without stressing the ankle pain.
  • Ultrasound Therapy: Using ultrasound waves, heat is generated to transmit vibrations through the skin that promote and increase tissue healing. Through this method, increased blood flow and circulation is sent to the area of pain. This enables the swelling to decrease and edema around the ankle to alleviate inflammation pain.
  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT): Pain Clinic – Wellness Philosophy incorporates one of the most advanced, effective and safe clinical intervention through ESWT. Surgery does not have to be your only option in speeding up the recovery in your ligaments and connective tissues. ESWT increases healing repair mechanism without causing any side effects, which is one of our prides in the clinic.
  • Ankle Rehab: Repeated ankle pain and sprain conditions are common. The ankle ligament requires rehabilitation to strengthen and prevent the onset of future pain conditions.


Adopt the three simple steps for ankle care:

1. Remembering to Warm Up & Cool Down!

  • Going from Passive to Active state for any physical activities requires a transition state of warming and cooling adequately.
  • Simple stretches on your lower limb and ankles before engaging in your sports or exercise, reduces the risk of stiff joints and increases flexibility.

2. Stay comfortably challenged!

  • Wear comfortable footwear that is designed and fit for the activity you’re going to do, i.e. shoes for running, basketball or football.
  • FITT: Put in place a specific Frequency of the sports, Intensity, Time, be selective the Type of sports you are familiar and enjoy.

3. Rest your Ankle!

  • Give it a cold/heat compress, elevate and rest after an intensive activity.

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