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As the saying goes, ” Pain in the Neck” indeed is very real and many are suffering from certain neck strain, stiffness, stress, excruciating pain in the joints and muscles as well as experiencing headache, migraine or dizziness from time to time.

Such condition/symptoms are prevalence and exacerbating today, there are many underlying causes of neck stiffness and pain.


There are 26 muscles in the neck supporting the head, one of the major part of the muscles are situated in suboccipital compartment where all the muscles in this group are innervated by the suboccipal nerve.

Neck Pain Treatment Singapore

What Causes Neck Pain?

Do you know how heavy is our head weight?

Yes, it is approximately 4.5kg to 5.5kg which 7 cervical vertebra is up holding the gravitational head weight and with about 20 different neck muscle to support the movement of our neck.

Neck pain is very disruptive to our quality of living, some of the common neck pain related symptoms are:

  • Stiffness & Strain tension
  • Headache & migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Numbness and tingling sensation in our arm and fingers
  • Pulling shoulder muscle tension
  • Whiplash (commonly associated with car accident impact from the back)

Unfortunately, most of these neck pain symptoms are very much associated with our daily postures.  Other severity of chronic neck pain maybe due to wear and tear(osteoarthritis), degenerative of vertebrae disc, stenosis of cervical canal, congenital cervical lordosis (abnormal curvature of neck spine) and cervical disc protrusion(traumatized and accident).

Neck pain, as a result of Front Head Posture Syndrome (FHPS) is very much associated to our neck not well align with the shoulder.  Most prevalence FHPS neck pain commonly is aggravated due to the computer work station or lab top computer, most of them have the tendency to stick the head far away from the shoulder.  The stress and tension of FHPS on the neck accumulated over prolong period exacerbated into severe of neck pain, migraine, headache, fatigue, cervical radiating pain to the shoulder & arm, shoulder blade pain etc;

Studies has shown another common neck pain is the excessive use of mobile phone. Text neck or drop Neck(DN)is another poor posture related to neck pain over prolong period of neck dropping below shoulder when using the mobile phone and progressively resulted in severe weakening of neck muscle. DN can trigger early neck symptoms of deformation and cervical kyphotic spine on the C6/C7 to T1 & T2. Due to the progressive weakening of extensor neck muscle, typical neck pain symptoms are shoulder tension & pain, inability to uphold the neck upright, migraine, headache, etc;

There are 7 cervical vertebra upholding our head, many a time the cervical vertebra joints maybe at stress and strain due to the weakening imbalance of the neck ligament, tendon, and muscles, resulting to narrowing of the joint. When 2 cervical vertebral space are narrowed, the spinal nerves might impinged or compressed causing numbness and tingling sensation that radiates down to shoulder and arm.

The are many underlying causes of neck pain, it can be wear and tear of the cervical vertebral disc or narrowing of spinal canal ( stenosis), and you will experience stiffness with radiating pain sensation.

Cumulative trauma disorders (Pain & Harm) can be the result of repetitive motion of the neck, the tension and spasm particularly on the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) and levator scapulae muscle can leads to muscle tightness causing headache, migraine and dizziness. Such conditions are mainly aggravated by poor posture particularly working on the computer or personal devices.

Front Head Posture Syndrome (FHPS) is another cumulative traumatized disorder mainly link to a slouched position while working in front of the computer or using devices that forwards the neck/head.

Whiplash (accident) is caused by car accident hitting the back of the vehicle that traumatized and damaged the muscle and nerves. The severity of whiplash can cause chronic neck pain and limits the range of motion(movement).

Sleeping Posture is also a common cause of neck pain. One of the most complaint caused of neck stiffness and pain. It is repetitive posture related to sleeping on the side without proper support on the neck, lateral sleeping position is susceptible to scarring tissue, shoulder tension and pins and needles sensation of the arm.

The levator scapulae muscle is connected from the back and side of the neck’s cervical spine to the shoulder that connects C1-C4 holding on to the superior angle of the shoulder blade.

Cultivate a good mobile phone usage of posture habit can prevent many health and physical pain effects, holding the phone upright and hold the neck up while using the phone and be mindful of the posture from time to time can prevent unnecessary accumulated traumatized neck pain condition.

We spend one-third of our lifetime sleeping and inadequate or poor pillow support on the neck can simply aggravate the quality of sleep.  Have you experience neck stiffness and shoulder tension when woke up in the morning with a sore neck.  Having the right height pillow well supporting the neck muscle is significant for neck pain prevention.

Everyone has a sleeping posture habit, the ideal sleeping posture to prevent chronic neck pain is to sleep on the back.  The upper shoulder and neck should be resting well and supported by the pillow with the relevant ideal height and firmness.  

There is no one-size pillow that fits all, it is a myth that a contour pillow is the best and ideal type of neck support pillow.  Having the right height and size to support the neck is pretty much determined by the size of your physical.  Sleep on your back and when the head & neck is well supported by the right size and height of the pillow, your feet or toes will be visible when you look down.

If you don’t see your toes your pillow is too low or the pillow is too soft to firmly support the neck. When you see the full size of your feet, it indicated that the pillow is too high up and this posture can aggravate the neck that overly flexes which can cause neck extensor muscle weakness progressively.

A neutral cervical spine at rest is less stressful on the neck and less tension on the shoulder while sleeping. 

Avoid poor neck posture during the day and incorporate daily stretches and strengthening exercises whenever is needed. Be mindful with the daily activities of neck posture and making sure the neck is rest well on the shoulder, also making sure the ear lope on the side is aligned down to the shoulder.

Front head postures syndrome over prolong period not only weakened the neck muscle, but the imbalance of weak neck muscle can also trigger excruciating cervical prolapse disc pain.

Neck pain is disruptive to the quality of living and detrimental to our physical health hence, start exercising good posture at work support your neck well while sleeping, and exercise daily neck stretches to balance neck muscle.

Simple Tips To Do At Home For Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain is mainly related to poor posture as well as age- related wear and tear. To prevent neck pain, be constantly mindful of head resting well on the shoulder. Some of the simple neck pain preventions are simply just correct and change your daily routine habits like:

  • MINDFUL OF GOOD POSTURE. Lower your chin and bring in the neck to the shoulders in line straight over your hips and your earlobe are aligned over your shoulders.
  • BE PROACTIVE WHILE SEATED. Constantly stretch your neck upright, side and flex your neck muscles while at work on your computer. Try to get up, walk around and stretch your shoulders and lower back from time to time. Do not sit too long.
  • WORK STATION ERGONOMICS. Protect your neck while seated in front of the computer monitor, lower the eyelid to 5 degrees down, avoid extending your neck (lifting your chin). If you are wearing eyeglasses for reading, do not use bifocal or progressive lens, because you need to upright your neck to view the monitor. Bring in your keyboard closer to your body with both arms enclosed to the side of the body with your elbow flexed to 90 degrees. Use your armrest if possible to avoid tension on the shoulder.
  • IF YOU SMOKE, QUIT. Smoking can put you at higher risk of developing neck pain.
  • AVOID CARRYING HEAVY BAG. Heavy bag can cause neck and shoulder strain, especially if it’s not ergonomically friendly resulting to neck, shoulder and lower back pain.
  • SLEEP IN A GOOD POSTURE. Making sure adequate pillow supporting the head and neck while sleeping and it  should be aligned with your spine. Fill up any gap in between the neck and shoulder. Always sleep on your back with pillow or bolster under the knee to relax or flatten your spinal muscles protecting your lower back.

What Are The Neck Pain Therapies Available In Singapore?

Seek immediate diagnosis and therapy if neck pain and shoulder persists for over a prolonged period of time. We use non-invasive, no needles, no medication intervention.


Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy has successfully delivered the desired pain relief methods and can further advise some of the work-related ergonomic changes to correct their workspace at home to alleviate and prevent the recurrence of such musculoskeletal pain conditions.

Relevant stretches and exercises can be then implemented in their daily work-from-home environment, so as to balance muscles under tension.

We use state-of-the-art technology clinical equipment to deliver safe, fast, and effective results.

Pain Management therapy and methods

Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy has over 20 years of experience in improving and alleviating lower back and other relevant neck pain.

Our methodology is non-invasive, no needles, drugs, or surgery.  We use various modalities intervention like;

Ultrasound therapy as a neck pain treatment in Singapore | Wellness Philosophy


    – for physical strain, muscle knot, or soft tissue pain, ultrasound therapy relaxes muscle fibers and rapidly increases blood flow.

Ultrasound transmits powerful sound waves into the muscle innervated nerve with different intensities and frequencies specific to the patient’s condition, to alleviate pain inflammation, joint swelling as well as restore the scarring tissue.

Ultrasound speed up the repair mechanism through the high energy of pulses to heal recovery.

Nerve and muscle stimulation therapy as a neck pain treatment in Singapore | Wellness Philosophy


    – Neuromuscular Stimulation intervention therapy is a mode of pain management that involves the passing of electrical impulses or currents through the problematic painful neck.

  • Neuromuscular stimulation reduces swelling, joint edema and increases joint mobility and tendon extensibility.
  • It promotes the production of cell endorphins for pain relief.

Shock wave therapy as a neck pain treatment in Singapore | Wellness Philosophy


    – is a form of pain-relief therapy that uses high-energy shockwaves sound impulses, directed and released into the area of myofascial trigger points, and the scarring soft tissues of the neck area.

  • It stimulates repairing of the scarring soft tissues, improves the imbalance of muscle fibers, improves inflammatory conditions, stimulates bone collagen, prevents an excess calcium build up in the muscles of the neck.
  • It enhances the body’s self-healing repair mechanism to relieve neck pain and promote healthy and ideal blood circulation going around the neck. The Prognosis of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is more than 95% of success.

Our pain management therapy & intervention is fast, safe, effective and it is non-invasive.

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