Innate Care Hyaluronic Acid Type II

Innate Care Hyaluronic Acid & Type II Collagen with Glucosamine and Chondroitin Supplement

Hyaluronic Acid

Helps to maximise the fluid between your joints, providing the cushioning and lubrication necessary for easy movement and stiffness reduction.

Type II Collagen

One of the most important ingredient in joint care. Type II Collagen is the main component of the connective tissue and cartilage. It is accountable for 60% of the dry weight of cartilage. It is essential for maintaining healthy joints, including tendons, ligaments, muscle, and skin.


Most required ingredient for cushioning joints and nourishing cartilage to protect the bones in your joints. This allows them to glide smoothly.


Provides the structural components of joint cartilage and facilitate the entry of glucosamine into joints. Also prevents free radical enzymes that damages cells and DNA. It attracts water into the cartilage matrix, stimulating its production.

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