Hyaluronic Acid – Joint Lubricant & Moisturizer



  • natural jelly gel substance found in the synovial fluid of our joints
  • act as a shock absorber in the joints preventing two bones fiction
  • can hold water up to thousand times of its weight thus, acting as body joints lubricant
  • keeping our eyes and skin moist, preventing dehydration and reducing dryness.
  • moisturizer for our body skin, reduces wrinkle fine line and radiance skin
  • helps to increase joint flexibility, reduce inflammation and pain

Doctors and Specialist uses invasive injection of HA to the affected joint, most of this methods of therapy for joint pain are not permanent and expensive.  Many of our joint pain do not need to go through such invasive intervention of injection and put ourselves at further risk.

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Innate Care Hyaluronic Acid Type II


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