How to Prevent Weight Gain – Covid-19 Circuit Breaker

How to Prevent Weight Gain during Covid-19 Circuit Breaker


Rehabilitation - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

Here are some simple tips and suggestions to manage our weight during the pandemic:
  1. Buy lesser groceries than you need.
  2. Movement:   Maintain certain flexibility on your joints by stretching  your neck, shoulder, lower back and knee squatting for about 10mins .  Getting up from your stagnant position from time to time for a cup of tea, coffee or water in between.  
  3. Quality Sleep:  Poor quality or excessive sleep during this lockdown period increased the risk of weight gain and other health risks like diabetes II, it stimulated various hormone in the body craving for more food which spiked sugar in the blood.
  1. Exercise: 150 to 180 mins per week to maintain our fitness health. Overweight requires 250 to 300 mins of exercise per week with at least one high intensity exercise of 45 to 60 mins of cardio respiratory exercise.3 – 5 days outdoor exercise for 30 to 45 mins and indoor(home gym) for another 30 to 45 mins to increase calories burn. 


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