Excessive load of gravitational body weight puts our physical joints in a stressful and painful condition. It also adds risk to body muscle imbalance that of which will leads us to joint weakness, lax ligaments, and many other musculoskeletal disorders. Some of the common symptoms are also lower back, knee, and sole ( Plantar Fasciitis) pain as well.


Other health adversity including risks of obesity includes Cardiac Vascular Heart Diseases, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and Diabetes Type II diseases.


As high as 11% of our population aged 16-65 are obese, upon entering the workforce more adults find it challenging in shedding off the excessive fats gained. One of the most common challenges and reasons behind this is in the difficulty to find time for exercises, the lack of sleep and overworking.

Stress is a contribution of imbalance hormones that leads to an indulgence in high-calorie food, making the process of cultivation a balanced healthy diet almost possible.


Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy has a safe, fast, and effective healthy weight program to help individuals shed off the excessive fats confidently.


Our program is safe and does not strain or stress physical joints, where most individuals find difficulty and challenge in the excessive gravitational body weight in walking, jogging or running for an extended time. Our clients will go through a pre-participation screening to assess their physical and health risks, this is a risk assessment we put in place to avoid any mishap and injuries. Safety is our priority.


Our clients will see a  fast 10-30% of healthy body weight loss over the course of 6 months with no crash diet or imbalance nutrients intake.


This will effectively increase the resting heart rate so as to keep the body metabolic system active so it may continue burning the fats while resting. Lowering the blood sugar level and blood pressure level, along with reducing LDL and increasing HDL will ultimately help prevent atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack. Other health benefits will include lowering stress and depression.


Every individual program is customized and tailored to the individual’s biological characteristics and specifications, health and cardiac screening may be recommended to ensure safe, fast, and effective results.


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