How to avoid knee pain surgery


As we age, inevitably we will experience some amount of knee joint pain and some even have swelling over prolong walking.  Particularly walking down the steps may be challenging to many elderly, our knee joints started to wear and tear decreasing the smooth surface of the cartilage over the years, this is also known as  Osteoarthritis (OA).

There are many causes for knee joints pain besides wear and tear, excessive body weight bearing is one of the major factor of knee joint pain. 

Marathon runner temp to have early sign of knee joint pain, it is also known as runner’s knee (Chondromalacia patella) which is the over prolong use of the smooth articular cartilage that protect the gliding of the knee joints, that was damaged during the running.

“Use it or Lose it” is a common sign of sedentary individual who sit too long whether over the work station, physically inactive or couch potato,  somehow have higher risks of degenerative knee joint pain.

There are many options to avoid knee pain surgery or total knee replacement (TKA) intervention:


If the knee pain is simply due to body weight bearing, the first thing you should do is lifestyle modification.  Starts to lose weight and balance your diet with low to moderate intensity exercise like 150 to 180 mins of walking in a week. To avoid any stress and strain on the knee simply do sit and stand exercise to strengthen the thigh muscle.

As the quadriceps muscle eventually rehabilitated and strengthened, gradually increase the exercises intensity to 10mins walk and 5mins light jog for 200-300mins over a week.


Knee joint pain can be complex it is highly recommended to have a clinical diagnosis like MRI to determine the symptoms of pain in order to incorporate a safe and effective intervention.

Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy employs one of the most advance clinical, non-invasive high energy sound impulses shock wave intervention to help the patient to reduce knee joint inflammation and pain. Improve the knee muscle imbalance and improve circulation to the knee joint.  Treating the scarring tissue to strengthen and getting connective tissue balance for the rehabilitation and strengthening exercise for a full recovery.


Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy has a state of the art technology anti-gravity treadmill machine that help most of our patients to rehabilitate, strengthen the quad muscle and lose weight in a short time frame.  The alter G Anti-gravity machine reduces body weight up to 90 percentage to avoid any knee stress, strain or pain during the exercise.  It increases heart rates for more calories burn and lose body weight effectively, safe and fast.  And it strengthen knee muscle and increase flexibility in the gait movement on the joint.


Knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement (TKA) is the last option for any knee osteoarthritis.  Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy helps many of our patients recovered from OA and other knee pain conditions. 

TKA is both invasive and expensive there are many risks and adversities to post TKA surgery.  One of the common adversity is leg length discrepancy that may hurt other parts of our body joints.  Other risks are nerve and artery damage, heart attack, stroke, blood clots etc.

Patients who are elderly and have heart conditions should consult the cardiologist for further evaluation for the procedures.