Healthier Weight, Healthier Knees

Body Gravitational Weight significantly hurts our physical joints, commonly the knee joints.  Many fail to identify the intrinsic cause of knee pain that  result in knee sprains, meniscus tears and typically tears of ACL during their physical activities.

Arthroscopic or key hole, and even a total knee replacement surgery is something that can be avoided if early intervention is in place to treat the underlying cause. Which, simply is the gravitational body weight.

Body weight increases stress on the knee joints and strain the Lateral and Medial Cruciate ligament (LCL/MCL). As a result the inner articular cartilage (A smooth Soft tissue that protects the joints from both the tight and shin bone from friction), wears off at a tremendous pace from daily activities.

The most typical experience in excruciating knee pains are from climbing down steps and also from daily walking activities. Hence, it will result in swollen inflamed knee joints.

We have proven with a track record of helping our patients treat their knee pains, and helped them avoid arthroscopic and total knee replacement surgery by using clinical non-invasive interventions to aid our patients . Obese or people with  excessive body weight will find losing weight almost impossible because of the knee strain and stress from exercise.

Thankfully, here in Wellness Philosophy a facilitated rehabilitation for their knee pains through our NASA Anti Gravity body weight machine will be able to  help them to breaks down their fats while keeping strain and stress on their knees at bay. All of our patients can see visible significant healthy weight lost within 6 months.

We have a team of dedicated professional clinicians and Cardiac rehab consultants to help you through your knee pain and over-weight problems

From the excessive body weight that is both detrimental to your physical joints and health, to the knee pains that impede you from having a liberal and joyful life.  Let us help you through this journey of recovery because you deserve a Healthy Weight Healthier knee and pain free life!





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