Corporate Talk Topics

With the rising costs of healthcare, companies are experiencing increases in their medical spending. Medical leave, insurance, and medical claims are just some of the financial costs that companies are burdened with. Without tackling the root issues faced by your employees, medical coverage for your employees are only going to get higher. All these without factoring in productivity losses incurred by your company.

Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy is offering corporate talks for your organisation to educate your employees on proper pain management. By properly managing their own health, employees are able to to be more focused, productive, and efficient during work hours. This would bring higher productivity rates, lower medical costs, and better returns for you organisation.

Here are some of the corporate talk topics that we cover.

  1. Heart Matters – Cardiovascular Heart Disease, Stroke and Heart Attack
  2. Sports Injuries Prevention and Orthopaedic Disorder Care
  3. Musculoskeletal Pain Disorder and Work Related Postures Injuries
  4. Sarcopenia & Joint Pain
  5. Healthy Weight, Healthier Body – Weight loss
  6. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure & Hypercholesterolemia Reversal Control

Send us an email to enquire or for requests on other topics that you are interested in.


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