Surgery Alternatives – Surgery Does Not Have to be Your Only Option

Surgery Alternatives

With the advancement of technology, people tend to believe that there are no surgery alternatives and that surgeries are their only option to their physical pain and complaints. Surgeries like total hip replacement, total knee replacement, shoulder surgeries, and different types of spinal surgeries are pretty quick procedures that are quite commonly done these days. […]

Musculoskeletal Pain

Knee Pains

There are many types of musculoskeletal pain an individual may go through. Common types of pain are muscle pain, bone pain, tendon pain, ligament pain, joint pain, and nerve pain. These pains have various causes and symptoms. By persisting and tolerating these pains, based on our observations in our clinic, the worser your condition becomes. […]

Pain Relief Without Drugs and Surgery

Pain Relief Without Drugs and Surgery - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

Pain has been one of the most terrible unsolicited friends we humans have always detested. Everyone who has had pain should at least consider looking for pain relief clinic without drugs and surgery. Pain disrupts productivity, limits efficacy, hinders happiness and in the worst cases, may be an end to someone’s life. Conventional Pain Relief […]

Easy Exercises for Seniors and Beginners | Wellness Philosophy

Easy Exercises for Seniors and Beginners - Walking - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

In this article, we will be showing you 4 easy exercises for seniors and beginners. Exercising is beneficial to everyone of all ages as it gives you a healthier heart, stronger bones, and increased strength. Exercise is especially important for seniors as it reduces chronic diseases, keeps your body active, and also improves your mental […]

How do I Lower My Cholesterol without Medicine?

RUNNING HURTS! Excessive load of gravitational body weight puts our physical joints in a stressful and painful condition. It also adds risk to body muscle imbalance that of which will leads us to joint weakness, lax ligaments, and many other musculoskeletal disorders. WHY MY CHOLESTEROL SO HIGH? As high as 11% of our population aged […]

ALTERG: Anti Gravity Treadmill

STATE OF THE ART REHABILITATION & PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® use innovative Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology that enables unprecedented partial weight bearing therapy and training capabilities. A pressurized “anti-gravity” chamber counteracts gravitational forces, gently adjusting body weight from 100% down to as low as 20% with unparalleled precision. This uniform lifting force reduces […]

Understanding Pain

Pain is bigger than you think, and my definition of Pain underlies 2 experiences: 1)Physical pain involves physiological stimulus of sensory nerve, which trigger our brain-transmitting signal of tissue injuries and damages. 2)Emotional pain is a psychological & physiological arouses from an unpleasant events or experience which alters our mood or behaviors. And how so, […]