As we age, losing weight becomes more challenging. This is due to the weakness of our muscles and joints, together with other factors such as health conditions and diseases. The journey to achieve a healthy body with ideal weight is one of the significant mindset we should work towards. Studies have shown that the trajectory of losing weight is often more of a short-term win, where individuals who are obese gain their weight faster than they lose them. It is also the case for middle-aged and elderly individuals as they experience physical degeneration in their bodies.

Here with Pain Clinic – Wellness Philosophy, we offer a healthy regiment of weight loss program. Whatever best reason to shed off the extra be it that you are experiencing pain from your lower back weight bearing or health adversity of disease like hypertension, diabetes II or cholesterol. Read on below about our ALTERG regime:

ALTERG – Anti-Gravity Technology & the Benefits

ALTERG is otherwise known as the Anti-Gravity Treadmill that was created using NASA’s Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology to aid individuals to develop their bio-mechanical movement. The technology aims to increase your mobility by reducing your gravitational body weight, giving the sensation of semi-weightlessness as you exercise on it. Your gravitational weight is lifted accurately by 1% increments that offer you a gradual and smooth change on the treadmill. A safe-fall feature through the close handle bars is built to prevent excessive weight to be borne on your joints, especially if you have a knee pain. The ALTERG has clinical evidence in improving health, whether you want to lose weight, or strengthen your lower body and reverse health conditions.

ALTERG – Improving Your Pain Condition with us (The Steps!)

The ALTERG equipment is catered to each individual’s goals and needs.

  1. Identify your area of improvement
    • ALTERG is an advanced NASA technology which allows you to achieve your personal health goals within a very short period of time at no risks of harm, physical joint pain and stress on your cardiac respiration.
    • We help our patients achieve maximum weight loss and improve health conditions, via assessment of their health statuses and narrowing risk factors through screening tests.
    • It is known that running for 60 minutes at high speeds is a big challenge to most beginners in shedding excess weight and burning high calories.
    • Thanks to the ALTERG technology, it decreases your gravitational body weight up to 90% therefore enabling you to burn those high calories of up to 800 for 60 minutes.
    • Rehabilitating lower limb muscle for strengthening is another approach in preventing knee arthritis, total knee replacement and improve overall health conditions are one of the many advantages in our weight loss regime.
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  3. Alter your mindset towards ALTERG
    • Weight loss can be fun and easier experience here with us. We are proud to offer you to an enjoyable, educational and effective weight loss journey.

Running without weight bearing on your lower leg can be achieved through the ALTER G, Anti-Gravity Treadmill which can improve your health in the following health conditions: Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Conditions, Post Surgery, Obesity and more.

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