ALTERG: Anti Gravity Treadmill


AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® use innovative Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology that enables unprecedented partial weight bearing therapy and training capabilities. A pressurized “anti-gravity” chamber counteracts gravitational forces, gently adjusting body weight from 100% down to as low as 20% with unparalleled precision. This uniform lifting force reduces impact, pain, and effort. All while supporting normal gait and balance – and encouraging full, free range of motion and natural movement.


Rehabilitation & Enhancement Benefits.

  • Empower your patients to move pain-free again.
  • Begin weight-bearing exercise sooner while protecting sensitive healing tissues.
  • Encourage range of motion, shown to improve outcomes.
  • Support unimpeded, normalized gait mechanics.
  • Reduce gravitational forces to help maintain – or regain -– healthy conditioning.
  • Support motor learning in a fall-safe environment.
  • Enable functional activity and task-specific training.
  • Provide support in a controlled setting for static and dynamic standing practice to work on balance, control, and strength.
Sports Performance
  • Limit downtime by enabling training through injuries and return to sport in better condition.
  • Begin post-surgery training sooner.
  • Increase training volume while minimizing stress-related injury.
  • Utilize objective data to measure progress and increase motivation.

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