The Founder

His Background

Gabriel Ng is a Registered and Certified Wellness Practitioner,also licensed Allied Health Care Professional with Changi Sports Medicine Center (EIMS) / Changi General Hospital.

In addition,he is certified in Sport Science, holds a degree in Health Psychology (USA) and obtained his Professional Clinical Practice Certification from National Wellness Institute of US.

His 30 years of clinical practice experience, and skills in treating Musculoskeletal Pain Disorders, Sports Injuries, various Post-surgical and  Cardiovascular Disease, has helped many individuals improve their quality of living by avoiding drugs, surgical or invasive intervention.

Gabriel’s Philosophy:


Gabriel conceptualized Integrative Pain Management, Rehabilitation and healthcare with most advanced clinical equipment in his therapy. From a conventional physiotherapist application of exercise therapy, he incorporated Complementary Alternative Medicine with Sports Science in his approach to heal and improve his patient physical and health conditions.

Many of his patient’s successful treatments are explicit and well recognized through his patient’s testimony. Gabriel’s wellness philosophy is to diagnose the underlying cause of individual pain conditions instead of treating the symptoms through drugs or needles.

He has helped many of his patients in managing and improving their health conditions by lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, high blood pressure, weight loss and angioplasty rehabilitation.

Gabriel and his dedicated team of clinicians are devoted to his patient’s health with the motto ” YOUR HEALTH, WE CARE”.