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Easy Exercises for Seniors and Beginners - Walking - Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy

In this article, we will be showing you 4 easy exercises for seniors and beginners. Exercising is beneficial to everyone of all ages as it gives you a healthier heart, stronger bones, and increased strength. Exercise is especially important for seniors as it reduces chronic diseases, keeps your body active, and also improves your mental health.

No matter what age you are, consider exercising at least once a week to keep yourself healthy. Here are 4 easy exercises for seniors and beginners.


Walking is an easy and stress-free exercise that both seniors and beginners alike could partake in. Take 15 to 20-minute walks in nearby parks and you can eventually consider trekking or adding ankle weights to really boost up your heart rate!



Cycling is a great way to work your lower body without straining your joints. It increases your muscle strength, improves joint mobility, and helps you reduce stress levels! A 30-minute cycle on your bike or a stationary bicycle in a nearby exercise playground will work you wonders.




Now if you thought yoga was only for the flexible and agile, you are wrong! By doing simple yoga exercises for seniors, it can help them maintain their physical fitness level while making it easy and doable. Here is a video showing you simple yoga exercises for beginners where it’s a little bit more difficult to do than the one for seniors, but definitely doable for beginners!



Brisk Walking / Jogging

If you thought we’re going to skip jogging, we beg to differ! Jogging is one of the most effective way to keep yourself healthy. It works out your entire body while creating endorphins (a good hormone). Endorphins reduces your perception of pain and triggers your mind to feel good and healthy!

If jogging is too strenuous for you, start off by brisk walking and slowly move your way up to a slow jog. Alternatively, check out our AlterG: Anti-Gravity Technology, a state-of-the-art technology that allows you to jog and run by reducing up to 95% of your weight. This technology is especially beneficial to those suffering from knee or joint pain by alleviating them from your lower body.

All in all, the benefits of exercising is something everyone should consider as it benefits your overall wellbeing. Make sure to consult your medical practitioner before starting an exercise routine.

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