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Who We Are

Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy has advocate pain free healthy living for the last 25 years. We Integrate sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports science as well as health/cardiac (heart ) screening to prescribe non-invasive and drug free treatments for our patients.

Our clinical services includes:

  • Exercises Is Medicine

(Hypertension, Dyslipidimia, Diabetes II, cardiac vascular disease conditions) 

  • Musculoskeletal physical pain disorders

(Myofascial Pain Syndrome, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder…etc)

  • Degenerative Joint malfunction

(Spondolysis, osteoarthritis, knee pain, etc)

  • Work related and sports injuries Rehabilitation program

(Muscle imbalance/spasm, neck stiffness & shoulder tension, etc;) 

  • Health & Cardiac(Heart) Screening 

(Hepatitis Profile, Thyroid Profile, Renal Function, Coronary Cardiac Profile, Diabetic Panel)

Sports & Exercise Pre Participating Health Screening

  • This program is design for high intensity sports or exercise who wants to enhance and perform better
  • It is also for individual who wants to start and maintain an active healthy pain free lifestyle
  • It is highly recommended for individual who love to run marathon
  • This Pre-Participating Health Screening is highly recommended for all individuals from 15-69 years old.

Our Philosophy of pain free living approach is to help our clients:

IDENTIFIES the intrinsic cause,

TREATS the cause, then

CORRECTS and PREVENTS  the  cause of pain from recurring.