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The fitness component is a progression of phases in the sports and physical activities regardless of gender, age, health & physical conditions. This can be achieved through daily exercises to improve and attain the level of fitness and healthy lifestyle.


It is essential to establish a clean health report and a physical condition assessment before embarking a fitness program.  The foundation emphasize on the goal suitable for a person’s ability to meet the demands of a physical task.  The basic foundation includes: Body Composition, flexibility, endurance, strengthening and power.


To increase all relevant joint range of movement to avoid any strain or sprain during the physical activities.  Different physical flexibility is required to enhance the body stability and avoid any joints injuries.


To be able to balance the body position in the centre of gravity to stabilize and enhance movement of the physical motion without fall.


Physical muscle endurance is about the repetitive movement of our musculoskeletal joint in a continuous exertion without having fatigue.  It is a combination of a group of muscle with cardiovascular endurance, that require the respiratory system to deliver oxygen to the relevant muscle group to fuel the exercise without having fatigue.


Regardless what kind of physical activities or sports you are involves, strengthening is a mandatory component of fitness.  Muscular Strength is the maximum of force generated by the motion and movement involved in a contraction.


The maximum exertion in muscular contraction in an instant fast movements apply. The two example of power are strength and speed ; short distance run like 100 metres race.



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There is an overwhelming scientific evidence that exercise has improved many individual physical and innate health hence, decreasing pre – mature death and chronic illnesses.

( EIMS: Exercise Is Medicine Singapore )

Exercise is Complementary Alternative Medicine prescription to treat various diseases and illnesses such as:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Hypertension
  3. Dyslipidaemia
  4. Obesity
  5. Asthma
  6. Metabolic Syndrome
  7. Depression
  8. Cardiovascular Respiratory / Pulmonary Disease
  9. Reduce mortality from breast cancer
  10. Peripheral Arterial Disease

Recent National Health Survey found that 39.1% of Singaporean are physically inactive with 11% of them either overweight or obese.

Conventional medication has its adverse effect on physical health causing musculoskeletal joint pain, peripheral neuropathy and other cardiovascular complications. Lifestyle modification of diet and with regular moderate exercises of 150 mins. weekly can gradually improve one’s health and reduce high risk of metabolic syndrome ( High Blood Pressure, Diabetes Type 2 and Dyslipidaemia ).

The Finnish Diabetes Prevention, American Diabetes Prevention and American Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) studies has shown that regular exercises significantly increases Diabetic Type II insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance hence, reduces the high risk complication of heart disease , stroke, hypertension, kidney failure, peripheral neuropathy and retinopathy.

Moderate intensity of exercises or physical activities of 150 mins. weekly has found to improve Systolic and Diastolic BP of 2 to 5 mmHg for most healthy individuals.

canstockphoto19699469However, hypertension patients will benefit from moderate exercise of 150 mins with 75 mins. of vigorous exercises  a week can significantly see a reduction of SBP /DBP of 7 to 5 mmHg respectively. Hence, this reduces the high risk  of cardiovascular, pulmonary and coronary heart disease complications. Regular exercise in any form of aerobic activities and exercises helps to increase the level of HDL and lower LDL as well as lowering the overall lipid and triglyceride levels. By reducing the plaque deposit through the form of exercises decrease the risk of atherosclerosis, thrombosis and many other complications of coronary heart disease.

Prolonged use of conventional medication for Diabetes Type II, hypertension and other related medicine for cardiovascular heart disease has its toll effect on musculoskeletal joint pain and impedes the circulatory system that causes early degenerative joint conditions. Patients experiencing physical pain symptoms and more prone to sports injuries, generally will shy away from any form of physical activities or exercises, as a result it will be even more challenging for the individual to re – instate their health conditions. Most exercises that are initiated by patients themselves generally do not have any sports injuries prevention measures put in place, so over use or load of exercise without professional supervision can accumulate several musculoskeletal acute injuries and other physical pain symptoms like, muscle imbalance , spasm, muscle strain and stress, frozen shoulder, tennis/golfer elbow, runner’s knee, ankle sprain , Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis and even fractures.

canstockphoto10962851In order to prescribe and implement a safe effective exercise program for the right patients with diseases or injuries, pre – participation screening and risk classification is essentially the first step. Any physical musculoskeletal joint pain symptoms that may be result of medication, may require further evaluation by a medical practitioner. Hence, medical clearance is relatively significant before commencing the exercises with clinical supervision.

Seek our EIMS certified professional’s advice and prescription would be the safest and fastest pathway to a healthy and injury – free exercise program. Exercise Is Medicine is a world health initiative managed by American College of Sports Medicine ( ACSM ), to focus on improving the public health through exercises prescribed by Certified EIM professional healthcare trainer and physician.

Exercise is Medicine Singapore ( EIMS ) was launched in 2011 and had committed to integrate exercises to treat and prevent diseases hence, PAIN CLINIC @ WELLNESS PHILOSOPHY offer a professional comprehensive clinical exercise prescriptions.

Patient with existing predisposing health condition or has more than 1 or more high risk sign or symptoms and diagnosed with some form of medication for his or her health conditions, should seek professional or medical advice for clearance before under taking any form of physical activities or exercises. It is strongly encouraged that patients should engage PAIN CLINIC @ WELLNESS PHILOSOPHY’s trained and certified EIMS advice for exercise prescriptions before engaging any form of exercises or physical activities.



12 – 18 weeks program*

( *depending on health condition )



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