AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmills® use innovative Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology that enables unprecedented partial weight bearing therapy and training capabilities. A pressurised “anti-gravity” chamber counteracts gravitational forces, gently adjusting body weight from 100% down to as low as 20% with unparalleled precision. This uniform lifting force reduces impact, pain, and effort. All while supporting normal gait and […]


This is a One to One class with our specialized Yoga instructor who has more than 10 years of experience, helping individuals recover from their pre-existing conditions or past injuries. Pain Clinic @ Wellness Philosophy offers a unique Yoga for pain management to emphasize on specific localized pain condition, which may be simply due to […]


Pain is bigger than you think, and my definition of Pain underlies 2 experiences: 1)Physical pain involves physiological stimulus of sensory nerve, which trigger our brain-transmitting signal of tissue injuries and damages. 2)Emotional pain is a psychological & physiological arouses from an unpleasant events or experience which alters our mood or behaviors.   And how […]


By Gabriel Ng Licensed : EIMS Pain Clinician Practitioner (USA)   You may not be aware or ignorant that poor postures can lead to neuromuscular disorder, degenerative joint, musculoskeletal disorder, accumulated trauma disorder and other pain symptoms.   In any form of motion, movement or physical activities and sports, our body muscles facilitate by contracting […]

Healthier Weight, Healthier Knees

Gravitational Body Weight significantly hurts our physical joints, commonly the knee joints.  Many fail to identify the intrinsic cause of knee pain that  result in knee sprains, meniscus tears and typically tears of ACL during their physical activities. Arthroscopic or key hole, and even a total knee replacement surgery is something that can be avoided […]

Be a Confident Loser!

Excessive load of gravitational body weight puts our physical joints in a stressful and painful condition. It also adds risk to body muscle imbalance that of which will leads us to joint weakness, ligamentous laxity and many other musculoskeletal disorders. Some of the common symptoms are also lower back, knee and sole ( Planta Fasciitis […]

What is Pain?

What is Pain? Pain is both physical and mental unpleasant stimuli that should not be ignored. It is disruptive to our daily activities and living. All of us experience pain in our own unique ways but most people cannot identify or even indicate where the pain symptoms are, most elderly assume pain is a part […]

Pain Management Approach

Understanding Pain The experience of pain is individual and varies from one another, most do not seek any help unless the pain is unbearable and disrupting their daily life activities. However when pain is escalated to its highest scale of 8-9, patient’s expectations and demands of rectifying the symptoms, are high and at times, unreasonable. […]