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What is Wellness?

Wellness Components


Wellness' philosophy is a state of mindfulness and awareness on leading a fulfilling healthy and growth in our life. It enables a person's good sense of positivity, happiness, and active living that significantly contributes to the society.


Wellness Components:

The dimension of Wellness is an integration of a healthy person with a complete state of well being in:
  • Occupation/financial
  • physical
  • social
  • intellectual
  • spiritual
  • emotional
  • and physical pain free

Financial Wellness

  Financial wellness is a state of knowing and understanding the value of how to handle one’s finance with right decision in making purchases. This unique balance of understanding where the money comes from and how to spend them prudently. It is also having an understanding of your financial status and be mentally well prepared how to take care of it for any financial changes.

Physical Wellness

A person’s ability to deliver and function the required daily activities in meeting the demands of the day’s work. Physical wellness possesses a good state of physical fitness and functional motor skills. A person generally is able to perform all range of motions physically without pain and have the ability to enjoy other leisure and social activities.

Social Wellness

  Social wellness is the ability to interact with different levels of people using the right communication skills. Able to have a meaningful relationship with people around you and establish a good, strong meaningful family lifestyle. It is also knowing how to respect oneself and able to live in harmony with others coupled with norm social skills.

Intellectual Wellness

  Intellectual Wellness is a state of a person’s ability to adapt, learn and open to new ideas, studies and experiences in order to improve one’s living. It is a desire for continuing education, determination to learn new skills, creativity and knowledge to enhance healthy lifestyle.

Spiritual Wellness

  Spiritual wellness is a personal belief of our values and existence that provides a sense of purpose and fulfilment in our lives. It is about the search for meaning of living and human existence, that integrate and harmonize our mental and spiritual inner peace with the universe.

Emotional Wellness

  It is a person's capabilities that can handle every personal distress, depression and anger situation with optimistic and constructive manner. a person with emotional wellness is generally characterized as happy and perceive at every negative circumstances as a learning curve of life.

Physical Pain

  A pain free person is able to perform functional movement, able to perform a full range of motion, balanced state of strong muscle, good motor skills in physical coordination with flexibility and pain free from lower back ache. Physical pain causes health and wellness adversity that disable a person to perform his or her daily task with a good state of mind. It is detrimental to the quality of living, all the physical activities that enhance healthy lifestyle. It also cause anxiety, depression, and anger to the mental wellness.