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Fitness Components

“The fitness component is a progression of phases in the sports and physical activities regardless of gender, age, health & physical conditions. This can be achieved through daily exercises to improve and attain the level of fitness and healthy lifestyle.”

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    It is essential to establish a clean health report and a physical condition assessment before embarking a fitness program. The foundation emphasizes on the goal suitable for a person’s ability to meet the demands of a physical task. The basic foundation includes: body composition, flexibility, endurance, strengthening and power.

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    To increase all relevant joint range of movement to avoid any strain or sprain during the physical activities. Different physical flexibility is required to enhance the body’s stability and avoid any joint injuries.

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    To be able to balance the body position in the centre of gravity to stabilize and enhance movement of the physical motion without any fall

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    Physical muscle endurance is about the repetitive movement of our musculoskeletal joint in a continuous exertion without having any fatigue. It is a combination of a group of muscle with cardiovascular endurance, that require the respiratory system to deliver oxygen to the relevant muscle group to fuel the exercise without having fatigue.

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    Regardless what kind of physical activities or sports you are involved in, strengthening is a mandatory component of fitness. Muscular Strength is the maximum of force generated by the motion and movement involved in a contraction.

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    The maximum exertion in muscular contraction in an instant fast movements apply. The two examples of power are strength and speed ; short distance run like 100m race.