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PAIN CLINIC@WELLNESS PHILOSOPHY is a ONE stop integrated healthcare, wellness, cardiac, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Our Philosophy of pain free living approach
is to help our clients:

  • 01.


    the instrinsic cause,

  • 02.


    the cause, then

  • 03.

    Corrects and Prevents

    the cause of pain from recurring.

Our objective is to help our patients identify the intrinsic cause of pain and diagnose the underlying cause. Using the latest state of the art technology clinical equipment in treating our patients, we do not use any invasive intervention like drugs or needles in our treatment program

We offer various PRIMARY and SECONDARY healthcare services like;


Lifestyle modification counselling

Nutrition & Supplements

Pain Management: Spinal decompression,Shockwave Therapy,TENs etc

Anti Gravity Alter G NASA Technology

Weight Loss Management

Sport Injuries Rehabilitation and Pain Management

Pre-post orthopaedic conditions

Metabolic Syndrome Reversible Program

EIMS: Exercise Is Medicine Prescription Program


Health Screening

Cardiac Screening (Echocardiogram, stress echo….etc;)

Clinical Body Fat composition

Diagnostic Imaging: CT Scan, MRI, X-Ray, Ultra Sound etc;

BMD (Bone Mass Density)