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PAIN CLINIC @ WELLNESSPHILOSOPHY is an integrative ONE stop healthcare, cardiac and musculoskeletal rehab clinic that provides primary and secondary clinical services.


Our clinical healthcare and cardiac services does not involve in invasive intervention, needles and drugs.



Primary clinical services include:

  • Lifestyle modification counselling

  • Nutrition & Supplements Pain Management: Spinal decompression,Shockwave Therapy,TENs etc

  • Alter G Anti Gravity Technology Machine

  • Sport Injuries and Pre-post orthopaedic surgery

  • Metabolic Syndrome Reversible Program

  • EIMS: Exercise Is Medicine Program

  Our Secondary care is helping our patients diagnose with clinical findings:
  • Health Screening

  • Cardiac Screening (Echocardiogram, stress echo….etc;)

  • Clinical Body Fat composition

  • Diagnostic Imaging: CT Scan, MRI, X-Ray, Ultra Sound etc;

  • BMD (Bone Mass Density)

                Pain is a condition that people responds to in many different ways; certainly it is a disruption to both our physical and mental capability in performing our daily tasks.Many choose to take painkillers for short term relief, others resolute to injection while majority opt to ignore this pain even though it may be affecting their lives more than they realized. Wellness Philosophy concept of approach in treating Pain is by using the state-of-the-art clinical technology to assess & treat the conditions.Wellness Philosophy practices holistic wellness pain relief methodology through; conservative pain management application, sports physiotherapy and correction of poor postures. Our application of diagnosis is safe, pain free and comfortable under our highly specialized trained therapists and conducive, friendly and relaxing boutique clinic ambience.            

Our Philosophy is

"Quality Healthcare, Excellent Service"