Pain Clinic@Wellness Philosophy is a ONE stop healthcare, wellness and fitness clinic that provide primarily and secondary clinical services.Our clinical healthcare and wellness services does not involves in invasive intervention, needles and drugs.

  • “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being – not merely the absence of diseases and infirmity”.

  • "Wellness' philosophy is a state of mindfulness and awareness on leading a fulfilling healthy and growth in our life. It enables a person’s good sense of positiveness, happiness and active living, that significantly contributes to the society."

  • Seek our EIMS certified professional’s advice and prescription would be the safest and fastest pathway to a healthy and injury – free exercise program. Exercise Is Medicine is a world health initiative managed by American College of Sports Medicine ( ACSM ), to focus on improving the public health through exercises prescribed by Certified EIM professional healthcare trainer and physician.

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Alter G Testimonies ( Our clients )

Anti Gravity Weight Loss Programme

Anti gravity weight loss program uses NASA technology to reduce body weight up to 95% to sustain and prolong the exercise regime.
Alter G Anti Gravity pioneered the concept of combining air pressure to reduce body weight and treadmill into a clinical machine, which provides a comfortable controlled body weight to support during the treadmill exercise to lose weight.

A very sophisticated air pressure regulation system that calibrates your body weight, prior to control the body weight precisely to support for the treadmill run without stressing any physical joints and heart.

Our Clinical healthcare professionals are certified and registered with Singapore Changi General Hospital, they are specialized in weight loss, cardiac and physical pain rehabilitation and have a wealth of more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry.

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